Thursday, May 18

Top 6 Youtubers I Currently Been Loving


Hey its me Lina and I'm back. I don't wanna talk too much about why I'm on such hiatus. The important thing is that I'm back and here's my comeback post~

So I've been watching youtube (like i always does) and so i thought why not share my current top 6 fave youtubers that i'm currently been watching (by that i mean binge watching their videos, or if no more videos, i would obediently waiting for more new videos or rewatching their videos all over again). 

Or annabelle is design student. the first video of her that i watched are the RISD Art Portfolio. I was so blown by her awesome arts. So i decided to watch more of her and i can say, her vlogs are pretty much my aesthetic! a literally goals af! i just love to see her life at art college, her cats and just her aesthetic!

She's known for her two channels; diy and  lifestyle. recently i've been falling for her japan vlog. out of all the japan vlog on youtube that i've watch, hers make me want to go to japan so much. she beautifully capture the already so beautiful japan. i'm sad the japn vlog is ending. its definitely worth rewatching again.

Another artsy fellow. I'm (no surprise) had driven to his aesthetic. he also made music and his voice are heaven. he's going into college soon and i'm definitely lookin forward for more of his aesthetically pleasing vlogs. he also love cats!

Joan Kim is a korean american living in korea. her lifesyle, fashion, food and korean make up/skincare vlogs are really great. i just love watching her videos and kinda imagining myself if i ever be in korea. she also have a very extra brother who shows up in her vlogs every now and then. to top it all off, she's an avid fan of yg entertainment artist and dean! 

Also a korean who used to grow up in america (he got a quite sad story about this) but now living in korea. he does mukbang and sometimes he vlogs about his life. he have such a deep voice and he eats really face. there is this one of my fave video of him that is called "water mukbang". go watch it its hilarious! 

I definitely got no shame. aisyah is one of my guilty pleasure. if you know her then you'll know what i'm talking about. her life is quite interesting and i love watching it. its actually great to get to see her grow with her channel. besides, she have an awesome family, especially her mom! hidup kena chill!

so yeah that's the top 6 of my fave youtubers right now. tell me whats your fave youtubers? are we sharing the same fave? or am i gonna find your faves as my faves as well? tell me and lets have a chat. 

oh and btw please dont mind with my blog situation tight now (if its doesnt look right). i'm doing a rebrandng in my blog so that's something to look forward too! 

also come and follow me on instagram and twitter @linasyay so we can have more conversation. i'm looking forward to meeting more cool people. 

so ciao!