Friday, February 10

updates: pre-assestment

my little set up

hi and assalamualaikum! long time no see again huh? how you guys doing? good? thats great!


well, since its my final year, i'm doing my final year project. and since its a final year project, i had a really tight schedule! we need towork really fast on it in order to meet every deadline. like for example, this sunday is our pre-assestment for my final year project. yeah its just a few days ahead and i'm so freaking nervous! wish me luck guys~ really hoping it'll turned out okay. hope so!

so yeah. that's a little updates on my side. so how about you guy?. i know i've been busy and kinda dont have time to blog walk a lot these days. i really wish to but i just dont have time and internet lol comment down below on what you guys been up to these day. are you as busy as i am or nah?

i cant wait for all this to be over so i can get to write more stuff (i know i talk about this every time but oh well.. lol). i also really want to re-brand my blog because its been along time since. so look forward to that.

also, i do updates my life on my instagram storie a lot these days too so if you wanna check it out, its @linasyay . just in case if you would like to stalk me sometime hehe

so yeah see you when i see you~ bye~