Tuesday, January 10

Facts About Me

sadness, quote, and sad image
assalamualaikum and hi.

for today's post, i'm gonna be telling some facts about me.

i've been wanting to do this long time ago but never had a time. and catcreature's latest video made me do this finally~

so yeah lets start!

1. i was born in sabah.
2. i'm short (i don't even remember if my height reach 150 or nah)
3. i love reading
4. i love watching movies
5. i read manga (currently reading gintama & mononokean)
6. i have mix (lol nak jugak)
7. i study at polytechnic in pasir gudang, johor
8. i don't have driving license
9. i did learn how to drive with my dad but only for a few times
10. i might seems as fearless (as i don't usually geli at bugs, reptiles, sampah and stuff)
11. so if there's a pembiakan ulat sampah happened at our rumah sewa, my housemates would call me for help (its ok i love being hero)
12. i love bigbang
13. as much as i love and hate YG,i still stan the artists
14. love love love korean hip hop and r&b's
15. i am lazy af sometimes
16. i can be quiet af sometimes
17. i can laugh out loud sometimes
18. only few people can see my true self (crazy af)
20. i don't do well in my spm (don't wanna talk more about it)
21. i do enjoy vlogs on youtube (i consider them as my guilty pleasure)
22. my biggest pet peeves are when people complain too much
23. my second pet peeves are when people leaves the door open and there's light leaking from outside and you want to sleep but you cant because the lights are too bright and it hurts your eyes
24. i'm the only child
26. johor is my second home
27. before johor, i've only been living in selangor
28. i do live in sabah but i dont have any memories on that
29. i have a long distance relationship with my home wifi at selangor
30. i'm more of an introvert person
31. i looooooove cats so much
32. and i also loooooooooove pizza (especially chicken or beef pepperoni)
33. remember about my spm? i registered art as one of the subject for spm but i did not do the project and i did not take the exam
34. that was my biggest regret ever
35. i think only few people knew about that
36. and this is my first time making this confession
37. but i'm doing diploma in graphic design now tho
38. majoring in advertising & new media
39. Allahamdulillah for the second chance
40. that's why i'm doing my best right now (wish me luck again)
41. i'm using iPhone 5 and it's dying slowly day by day (i really need to replace it )
42. i don't know if i'm a morning person or not
43. currently having a complicated relationship
44. and its my first ever relationship
45. i'm a potterhead
46. i love black and white
47. most of my clothes are in black and white
48. but i do like the combination of red and green (tembikai represent!)
49. i'm always hungry
50. in fact, i am hungry right now

at first i wanted to do only 50 facts about me but as soon as when i reach 50, i felt like there's more fact that i want to tell so i'm actually going to continue until i ran out of facts. ok actually if i reache 100 i would call this 100 facts about me.

51. g-dragon inspired me so much in term of style and attitude
52. i am a shy girl
53. always love watching japanese drama (pls recommend me some)
55. i don't really watch korean drama
56. the only korean drama i finish watching are no limit (TVXQ's yunho in it)
57. but right now i'm watching goblin (and so far so cute lol i kenot)
58. i prefer coffee over tea
59. tho every coffee to me taste the same (bittersweet yums)
60. i have atelophobia
61. i love watching people
62. my face are very acne prone (ugh!)
63. i can be in the shower as fast or as slow as i can depending on my mood
64. i want to go to japan more than i want to go to korean
65. i'm more of a sneakers kinda girl
66. i collect buku fixi (especially the trilogies)
67. i'm currently catching with the vlogs that i've missed
68. i really love mcd's french fries
69. i have a canon 700d camera
70. i ran out of fact haha

ok so that's it lah. in the end we settled for 70 facts. yeah its a really long list and it gonna be boring to read all of it. i know nobody would want to even know about me but oh well its fun to just put this out there. huhu

ok lah sampai sini je. jumpa next post. buhbye~


  1. Most of clothes are in black and white haha same !! Sampai baju tidur pun kalau boleh banyak warna hitam. But sekarang tengah cuba baju warna2 selain hitam lmao. But black is still in my heart.

  2. My phone is slowly dying too.. Q___Q
    What ever happened in the past, never regret anything.. There's always a back up for a mistake.. ^^

  3. my iphone is dying too. I have to charge it at least two times per day and I don't even use it that much.

    how does it feel being the only child?

    1. haha same! such a hassle right?

      i dont know i dont feel anything. its just natural. but i used to feel a little left out whenever my friends talk about their sibling, but thats about it. haha i'm used to being alone anyway~~ :'D

    2. I used to envy those who don't have any siblings lol. its always greener on the other side

  4. multifandom and shorty demo kawaiii wooouuu~!
    shorty uh jgn salah faham xD gomenna~

  5. we've a lots of same facts, whoahh.
    64, yeahhh, high five :3

  6. Rajinnya buat list pasal diri sendiri