Monday, January 2

cannot wait for 2017 to end

hi and assalamualaikum

its only the second day of the new year 2017 and i already want 2017 to end. i know i'm being complete pessimistic but i'm also being totally honest. i had a love and hate relationship with 2016 and i'm assuming the same thing with 2017.

i had a terrible start of the new year and i'm already feeling like more bad things going to happen. i don't know what or how or why but i'm gonna need myself to be ready for it. i know i had a piece in me died and that's not a good things.

i know its hard but i'm still going to be positive in all these negativity. at least i'm gonna try to. i hope it's going to work out well for me. i know it'll be though but i  also know i'm strong and it wont let myself down easily.

for this, i need to sort out my priorities. i need to have goals and i'm gonna focus solely on that. and that is to do my best on my final year project. it is definitely gonna be a hell of a ride and i'm definitely be on it. i chose this path and i won't stray.

good luck to me.

pray for me.

be strong dear me.

i know i can do it.

i won't give up.

never give up.

p/s: special thanks to @shazleenzuhairi . you're an absolute legend. you're an absolute bestfriend of the year. you came all the way from kl to jb on the new year just to cheer me up. i'm so touched.  i appreciate it so much.


  1. I wish you good luck and all the best for your final year project :)
    May Allah ease everything. InsyaAllah. Amin ...

    1. thank you very much! yes hopefully! insyaAllah and amin :))

  2. all the best for new year 2017. be strong and don't give up! aja2 fighting :D

    1. yeah allthe best to you too!! thanks btw :D

  3. It's only been one of the harsh day and there's 363 days left for a better tomorrow.. This year might be your year.. Chin up and brace it.. :D

  4. awww. that's so sweet of you. hahaaha for you, i'll cross the ocean and sky. sayang kau. muahciked.