Sunday, July 24

meet my bitmoji

hi! so snapchat recently added this awesome update which you can create your own emoji with bitmoji. today i want to introduce you guys to my bitmoji. her name in unikorn. she's a half unicorn and half hooman. she's like the alternate version of me. but don't worry she's still cute~

if you want your own version of bitmoji, you can download the bitmoji app on app store or play store and start creating yourself!

Saturday, July 9

is this a nightmare?

so i had a dream last night. me and a friend are going out buying stickers (for some reason) at somewhere deserted (there's nobody there i think). and then there's this two mat rempit also buying stickers. they're kinda the douchebag (like the way they stare at us and what not). and somehow, i didnt have enough cash to pay for the stickers, but then one of the mat rempit "kindly enough" to pay for it. i knew they had other intention (you know when you just knew that someone is so evil, so they are these kinda guy la). and then later on the mat rempit friend came. i somehow knew this guy (i think i had him in another dream as well where he also pay for my stickers but i knew he's a nice guy because i just knew lmao). so i give a suggestion to them for me to go cash out some money at the atm. so me and the nice guy with the evil mat rempit try to go to the atm. while on our way, one of the evil mat rempit which is also the fat guy, suddenly came from my back, kinda like trying to hug me from behind. but he's not hugging me, instead he push in my belly so hard! like super strong hard for quite a long time. at one point, i felt his pushing force are decreasing so i thought he's done with it but nope he continue putting force in his push again. it was really hard that i actually woke up from my sleep and i legit pegang my perut. i was actually shocked from it.  i can still feel my belly being pushed in so hard right now. 

and i think he did that because he wanted to know if i was pregnant with that nice guy's baby. i know right? wth! 

and now that i think about it, i kinda have two reasonable reason why i had this dream. but i'm not gonna tell them here. i'm just gonna kept it a secret. lol 

so yeah that's me and my dream. have you ever had a dream like this which is a very heavily plotted story with a pinch of wtf-ness to it? do share with me because why not haha 

disclaimer: this is an actual dream of mine. i might have changed some bit of the story or whatever but its a dream and i never remember my dream perfectly lol

oh yea i am currently obsess with saitama (eventho i currently reading gintama while waiting for new updates for opm)

Saturday, July 2

classmates appreciation post

so here to the start of the new semester, i'm posting this as an appreciation post to some of my classmates. hoping this semester would be a blast.

as you can see, i'm in love with this geeky snapchat filter. its too cute xD

oh btw if you want to add me on snapchat, scan the code below and see you there xD