Sunday, January 31

26. extraordinary

the other day, i was out with my friends. while we're eating. suddenly we started to talk out of our ordinary mind. we talk through our imagination and not through our logic. we were talking "what if" all of a sudden. like, what if we had a noctural eyes instead of friend started it first and from then on, we kept on and on adding a stir into the conversation.

"what if we had our mouth at the top of our head?"

"what if we had hair only on our chin?"

"what if we had hands for our feet and feet for our hands"

it was so funny. we had the biggest laugh. it was funnier because we were eating. so we was like "how would having a mouth on top of our head work if we want to slurp noodles?" etc etc.

its been quite long since i have these kind of conversation. it also has been quite long since i had a big laugh. it was fun. it was so much fun.

you should do it too, sometime, with your best of friends. a good way to bond.

ps: next week is holiday week. can't wait to get back home. i really needed a rest. i also really needed to blogwalk other blog so wait for my visit~ huhu (:

Tuesday, January 19

25. pricked

purple, grunge, and pale image

how many times do i have tell everybody that i am nobody's? i am only mine, for now. i don't belong to anyone. i am okay with being on my own. you can befriend me and you can unfriend me. i am just going to be only me. i'm always alone anyway. i don't need no one else to comfort me. i will find that someone when the time has come. but no for this time being. i am so sorry if i hurt anyone intentionally or unintentionally. i was blinded with the world that i'm living in and sometimes i cant see straight. i really can't please everyone's heart, when my own heart was pricked.

edited: i was saying these because there's alot of ignorant people around me. they talk things that they don't even know about me. they assume so much things when i dont even wanna think about it. they always think the otherwise when i did certain things. i never take those seriously but when they came in all at once, i dont think i can handle it. but thank god that there's some people who are there for me too cheer me up. and rather than minding those ignorant people, i would prefer to cheer meself up with people that i love.

sorry for not updating much. i was quite busy, i am still tho. i have two assignments due this Thursday xD i was too busy that i literally forgot that i have blog lol

Saturday, January 9

24. judged

i am a little bit of an introvert. i'm a boring person and people might dont want to hang out with me on their first impression of me.

but to my few friends that actually clicked with me, they knew how i really was. so i am only fun towards certain people.

thus, its bothering to me that some girls tend to judge other girls on somewhat smallest simplest things. and they dont even know each other that much. whats more is that, they be telling those things right infront of others faces. 

things like "asal kau selekeh hari ni?". "kau gemuk la."  and yadda yadda

just imagine someone you dont even close with, say that to you.

they might sound joking. oh well haha. but you dont really know what the other person that you talked about thinks. they might dont like it. and if thats really happened, you're actually mentally bullying someone and thats never a good thing.

here's the thing. these girl thought they're making friends. they be like oh i'm going to be funny by saying jokes about them and so hoping that others will take it as a joke and eventually a beautiful friendship started and so so..

most people might say that its just a small matter. she's just joking. that aint nothing. thats the deal! that aint a joke. that aint no nothing. at least for me. like, who are you? we meet like just few times, and you're already act like you knew me. i am not in anyway am comfartable with you, at all.

being me. you might see that i dont really mind all that shit. but i do remember all them shits. i think thats just how the introvert in me works. 

people are just so mean that they dont even notice they're being mean. and they never put themselves in other people shoes just to see how they would actually felt if they get that mean attention towards them.

Friday, January 1

23. how to spend new year my way

if you're a student, low budget, and have no transport like me. you might wanna spend this new year like me. how do i spend my new year? like this.

1. grab my camera
2. get my friends
3. have a new year photoshoot
4. profit (memories) lol