Thursday, December 15

november 2016 recap!

Assalamualaikum! How you doing guys? I'm doing quite okay, as for now. As you know, I've just started the new semester. My final semester before going for an internship. Its been hella busy but I'm actually having fun even though it's been a very nervous weeks for every past weeks. You'll know why.

As the title shows, I'm gonna throwback what's happened on the past month of November.

3 november 2016: this is me feeling so excited for the new renovated aeon tebrau. and also excited watching dr. strange. this is also when i'm on a semester break alone since its a short break but glad that some of my friends came back and we had this much fun.

5 november 2016: attended an impromptu concert at taman bukit layang-layang and got to meet Ella and Man Kidal. a very great experience.

13 november 2016: this is another fun experience. me and other semester 5 and 6 had to go to sri iskandar and watch the yutte medai junior pre-recording. its a tamil kids dancing competition. it was a different kind of experience especially watching how all the broadcasting works.

14 november 2016: is the interview day for our majoring. i was hoping to get an advertising major because i've been liking advert ever since semester 3. it was very nerve wrecking to wait for our turn for the interview. those lacterurs can be scary. but thank goodness it went well for me. and syukur i go the major!

18 november 2016: got to see another movie. the long waited fantastic best and where to find them. it was even more fantastic when i have my two most favorite potterhead by my side to watch together. it was definitely a great movie. cant wait for the sequel! 

19 november 2016: an impromptu lunch break at a coincidentally newly opened restaurant; a stone grill restaurant called Azzalava @ Eco World, PG. this is when we started to search for company to collab with for my final year project.

22 november 2016: this is when we have a visit to abang bob's gig hall @ Taman Sierra Perdana near EDL highway. We're glad that we found him and his company. he is a very cool guy and great to work with. Alhamdulillah his company has been chosen to work with us and our final year project.

there's funny story about how we find his company. i think 2 days before, when we started to search for a company, we go to eat at restoran PG @ Taman Mawar. after we done eating, we thought we should go search for his company, which I've googled and it was in Taman Mawar as well. We even searched the taman perumahan area. and after our long failed searchings. we decided to ask the people at the kedai area. we showed her the picture of the company sign that we found on google. she shows that the address on the picture (which we didnt notice earlier was there) are in Sierra Perdana. so we go to sierra perdana and finally found the company but it was close. so we call him and they say they're not around and we shall comeback another day.

so there we are two days later finally got to meet abang bob. and while we're interviewing him, he said that he have a studio in taman mawar. and then we were all curious so we ask him where the hell was it in taman  mawar and then he casually said that it was right next to restoran PG!!! we were genuinely got dumbfounded and we laugh so much for that. it was so stupid but so funny! it was a long story but it was worth it tho haha

24 november2016: get to spent time with friends at air terjun gunung ledang. the water are so cold. and there are so many cute little ikan bilis around that bit our dead skin off. its nice to get to relax and berendam before the start of the new semester.

27 november 2016: the first day of the new semester, we dont have class but instead we had to attend the photography seminar. it was a nice experience to know more about commercial and food photography. and also about how food styling is a very cool profession. lol

i think thats all the highlight for the month of november 2016. it was a busy month but not as busy as this month of december definitely. so i hope it was not too boring for you? but i definitely had fun writing because it actually gave a nice throwback feelings.

so see you on the next post!

ps: poli had a newly improved wifi and it was quite fast. going to use it for the better hehehe


  1. all the best for new semester! :D
    great course btw, advertising?? congrats!!

  2. all the best for new semester! :D
    great course btw, advertising?? congrats!!