Monday, November 7

update #2: one semester done, two more to go!

hey peeps! assalamualaikum! its me back at it again with another late night post. so how are you guys doing? i hope you guys are doing okay. me? oh i'm feeling so great. why? because the semester has ended. i'm on a short semester break. eventho it's short but i was glad that i can get my sleep back.

there's still two semesters more for me to finish my dip. one semester with final major projects and the last semester for internships. there's actually a lot of things to think about especially for final major projects eventho its semester break, we needed to get ready asap. but its holiday and i'm still catching my sleep teehee

oh if you guys dont mind, i need a little help with my final major project. i really needed a local brand/company with a local products/services (preferably JB based). we will be designing and re-branding their corporate identity, create packaging and advertising for them. we would love a company that can cooperate with us. and if the company are okay and willing to cooperate, they may use our designs afterward as well. so if you guys have anything to share, do comment below. tqvm :)

okay now back to my life. i'm loving the break right now. it's been awhile since i've been lazily laying around doing nothing but eat, watch dramas, listen to music, read books and other stuff that don't need to be mention here cos it's useless lol

last semester are crazy hectic. i couldn't imagine myself on the next semester. i think i'm gonna be insanely busy. ah i'm not ready. can i just stay like this for as long as i want? sure not. i'm not gonna be hoping for a nice semester cos it'll definitely be a harsh one out of all. but i'm not backing out. i'm just gonna "fuck it lets do it". lol. easily say than done. screw me lol.

so wish me luck for my life, study, and mostly for me to frequently update my blog.

ok bye.


  1. long time no see yo:)
    too bad I couldn't help you with your fyp. I knew nothing about products based on JB. maybe you could try googling
    and good luck for everything!

  2. your project is really cool. like a total rebranding, that is big stuff.