Sunday, September 11

updates: been busy

hey guys i'm back! its been so long and i've been very busy. i cant seem to find the right time to write a post. or maybe i'm just giving excuses; that i'm actually lazy or i just dont have anything to talk about

but whatever, i'm back!

since its been hella long since my last post, i thought i shall give some updates on my life right now. my last post in on july the 24th. and today is 11th of september. a little over a month i'm on a blog hiatus. and there's so much going on in my life.

i got into a new semester in june. i get to meet my housemates, classmates and other bunch of mates again which is amazing. but the start of the term is a little bit not-so-great. but thats just a short term issue cos its better now thank goodness.

ok lets talk about my lecturers. there's a few familiar faces but there's also some new faces. not gonna lie but i love my advertising's lecturer. he is my new favorite. he has his own charisma. a very unique one. and he has been very helpful with me and my class.

talk about lecturers, of course there are going to be lack of this and that. but for me, it depends on the student. it was all about that students even from the start. your perspective and the way you perceive things. its all in a different way so i think with these kind of issues, its all about how you'd handle it.

moving onto works and stuff, it's been very busy. even from the very start. with all the event management things where we need to handle events and stuff. all the presentations. all the grouping works which i am really suck at. it was very stressful but i can still handle it, even at the last minutes.

it was really grateful to have friends and family to support you. and if you have a kesayangan, that would be a given. but  for the most part, do not forget to thank god. that's the most important thing to take note.

and for now, i'm getting ready for finals. its getting near to the end of the semester and i am really hoping i would do my best. not just me, but my friends also. i hope we would do our best. and i hope the rest of this semester would be a blast.

and i do really hope i can find some good materials to talk about in my blog. i've used up my brain from all the brainstorming and what not for my assignments lol someone help me

so yeah see you on my next post. please leave a comment if you read this. i just wanna know if there's anyone reading my blog anymore..