Sunday, June 5

once a fangirl, always a fangirl

i used to fangirl a lot. i do fangirl sometimes nowadays but not as often as back then. nowadays there will just be a nice random moment of a fangirl mode. compared to last time where every time is fangirl mode time.

i was going through my old medias on twidda and i found myself bunch of old fangirl tweeds. a lot of them are quite hilarious so i thought i should make fun of myself by sharing some of it here.

aww good ol' top joke :')

this is the time where i seemingly is a wife for my oppa (but i am still tho) (we just dont show it to public) (we kinda have a secret relationship) (oh shh dont tell anyone pls keep it to urself thnks)

i hate smoking. i hate smokers. but i somehow cant find myself hating gd for smoking. truth be told, he is hot when he smoke. ah see me fangirl is blinding me! haha

guuuuurrrrllll wtf is a blode??? omg haha classic lina with her classic typos. but he does looks awesome hehe

yes i am that type of fangirl who fangirl for oppa's sweat.those are some dark days

tru story
wait... what?

me right now, while writing this post. i could not scroll any more further. its cringy af! yes! i have a lot more! and i must be cringeworthy! if you want, you can go check yourself on my twidda. but only if you want. oh of course you dont want right? who would want to stalk me for no good reason loooooooooool kbye haha


  1. ngeh ngeh ngeh.. sangat lah bole relate situasi ni.

    saya pun adalah fangirl tegar, tp of 2pm la.. now pun masih tegar.. tp rasa sgt dah kurang. sebab too busy dgn kerja. rasa mcm dah boleh retired dr dunia fantasi. never thought this day could come, lol.

    kalau dulu mmg rasa twidda tu 24/7 lah forever scroll and tweet and merepeks kan? miahaha..

  2. OMG THIS ENTRY! Weh imma wife to my oppa too! (but we decided to keep it secret hahaha)

    I was Lee Donghae's wife. Now dah cerai (lol acah acah). Tapi ada kembar tak seiras Jackson huhuhu. And ada abang angkat Kyungsoo HAHAHAHA K K

    Omg merepek gila aku

  3. Hahahahaha, the good ol' fangirling days :')

  4. hahahhaa lawak2 je fangirl :D
    i layan kpop and decide not be fangirl because i'll annoy my family a lot XD
    fangirl on anime je XD

  5. hahaha I am used to be a fangirl for Top before. but now, retired already :P

  6. GD ni hensem. Hehehe. Fatin kalau bab-bab korea ni, minat GD sorang je. Taktau kenapa. Yang lain tengok macam biasa je :D