Saturday, June 11

i replaced my iphone's battery

so not long before ramadhan the other day, i set an appointment for my iphone battery replacement. my phone is old, so the battery is draining abnormally fast. for example, it will drop from 100% to 50% in an hour even if i dont do anything. imagine how fast it draining when i'm using it? and my battery get super hot sometimes too.

before i set this appointment with this particular service. i spend a few days googling and surveying every possible iphone battery replacement service i can find. i found i2fix, applesensei and even some random dude on lelong.

after a good survey on google, i also search on instagram. i found a few instagram service shop. but my eyes caught on digitalsupplyco!

okay now you may wonder why dont i just go to a physical shop? because seeing those reviews on instagram actually made me feel a lot confident to  give my phone for a repair. furthermore, they did it in less that an hour. maybe even less than 15 minutes. and they also did it in front of my own eyes so there is no possible scamming such as exchanging other parts of the phone or whatever without you knowing

(usually if i have several screenshot at once like this, i would also have a different battery percentage but not anymore :") )

but all of these can be done if i just go to i2fix? they have a really good service. yes i know that. i've read some good articles about them too. i was actually planning on going there if that is my only option. but i just cant find time to actually go there. not by myself of course.

and since you can go and make appointment with digitalsupplyco and meet anywhere around klang valley. it is a real time saving. i get to set the appointment at kfc near my house. it just felt like they have a booth just near my house. it felt like just a blink of an eye when they cross open my iphone.

this tech bro who specifically came to me for my appointment is real nice too. he's a malay. eventho i'm just shy and quiet but he did a good job at trying to start a conversation. even when he ask sepatah and i jawab sepatah. lmao. i am so bad. but definitely kudos to this tech bro (oh gosh i didnt even remember his name)

but he does gives a few tips and opinion like how i should update the ios via itunes on computer and how my iphone has this slight green or yellow border around my lcd; this is caused by water getting into your iphone (i already know those haha). while he was doing surgery on my iphone, he even showed me some dust yang bersarang in my iphone lmao i have a really filthy phone.

i really should save money and buy a new phone (omg i always say this but never really do it)

so in conclusion, i think digitalsupplyco is as good as i2fix. if you want to repair your iphone i would definitely suggest these two services. i2fix and digitalsupplyco. i am satisfied with digitalsupplyco because my iphone experience now is better than ever. and i would love to try the i2fix service, maybe soon?

so yeah, that is me rambling about my iphone battery replacement experience. thanks for reading eventho it kinda crap lol

see you when i see you byeeeeee x

Sunday, June 5

once a fangirl, always a fangirl

i used to fangirl a lot. i do fangirl sometimes nowadays but not as often as back then. nowadays there will just be a nice random moment of a fangirl mode. compared to last time where every time is fangirl mode time.

i was going through my old medias on twidda and i found myself bunch of old fangirl tweeds. a lot of them are quite hilarious so i thought i should make fun of myself by sharing some of it here.

aww good ol' top joke :')

this is the time where i seemingly is a wife for my oppa (but i am still tho) (we just dont show it to public) (we kinda have a secret relationship) (oh shh dont tell anyone pls keep it to urself thnks)

i hate smoking. i hate smokers. but i somehow cant find myself hating gd for smoking. truth be told, he is hot when he smoke. ah see me fangirl is blinding me! haha

guuuuurrrrllll wtf is a blode??? omg haha classic lina with her classic typos. but he does looks awesome hehe

yes i am that type of fangirl who fangirl for oppa's sweat.those are some dark days

tru story
wait... what?

me right now, while writing this post. i could not scroll any more further. its cringy af! yes! i have a lot more! and i must be cringeworthy! if you want, you can go check yourself on my twidda. but only if you want. oh of course you dont want right? who would want to stalk me for no good reason loooooooooool kbye haha