Friday, May 27

introducing: Zion.T

ok i'm introducing this new segment kinda thing in my blog. it is called "introducing". lol yeah. its basically a post where i introduce you guys with something i like. it can be anything. music, movie, books etc etc. i've been wanting to make something like this but never really know how to put it up but now here it is!

so for the first "introducing" ever, i'm going to introduce an artist! its Zion T! he's a korean hip hop and r&b artist. his voice is the best, the most beautiful, the most gorgeous ever!

Zion.T - "SHE" ft. Beenzino
this is one of the first song that i love from him. thanks to beenzino (featured in the song), i get to discover zion.t

GD - "I LOVE IT" - ft. Zion.t & Boys Noize
ah this is another masterpice. ofcourse i have to share Gd's song featured with Zion.T. oh and did i mentioned zion.t recently has joined YG?

ZICO - "EUREKA" ft. Zion.T
and this is a zico's song featured with him. and you might have noticed by now that zion.t have featured in bunch of songs but it was still great music. being featured in other people music make fans like me to discover more gems in korean hip hop industries hehe

another featuring by zion.T. this is one of the video that pops in my subscription list, and i just happen to click it because is has zion.t and i love it! the mv is cool too

Zion.T - "NO MAKE UP"
this is his latest single. i think zion.t love girls with no make up or they just love making songs about no make up? but whatever it is, he never fail to mesmerize me with his voice!

these are just a few music recommendation for zion.T. there are a lots of great music from him. you guys should check out his album "Red Lights" if you're interested in him. that entire album are gold!

oh i also think that zion.t has massive shades collection at home hehe