Wednesday, May 11

happy birthday to me

hey guys! today is my 20th birthday! happy birthday to me! yay!

haha but seriously i'm 20. i'm old.

but i'm happy. i've been living 20 years of my life, not so much but i'm enjoying it. and i hope i'm enjoying most of it to the fullest! apart from having the results a day before my birthday, but that's not going to get me down. not really but oh well haha.

wishing for me to be a better person. work hard for the next semester hopefully. eat more food, i mean healthier food haha (that's probably not gonna happen but i'll try).

so yeah here's to another wonderful life, wonderful semester, wonderful friends and families, wonderful blog, wonderful everything. i hope!

and i'm so sorry that i'm not updating much here. i've been "busy" with holiday. you know what i mean. i'm really good at procrastinating on semester break. but i promise i'm going to post something so wait for that.

happy birthday to meeeeeeee huhu ~


  1. happy birthday to u linaaaa!
    dah 20 tahun :3
    hoping u to have a great day and be happy :)

  2. happy birthday Lina! :)
    Wishing you happiness and have healthy life!
    Have a blast on your birthday :D