Monday, April 11

35. album playlist

it's been quite long since i talk about music. so in this post, i'm going to share three full albums playlist that's i've been loving recently. when i say full albums, i really meant full albums! like the whole song in the albums are mindblowing and worth to listen to!

#1 Twenty One Pilot's "Blurryface"

First song that i listen to is Car Radio. But for the first full song i listen to is Stressed Out (like most other people does duh). I was actually listening to an Indie Playlist on spotify till i fell asleep. Then a miracle happened. I suddenly woken up but the song Stressed Out. In my mamai condition i was like "gosh this song is awesome", and so i (still in my mamai condition) without any doubt, save the song so that i can listen to it again some other time. And then, i continue my sleep. Ehem. Typical lina. Lulz.

#2 Justin Bieber's "Purpose"

Purpose album really brings out the man in Justin huh? lol. I can see a lot of his haters has turn into his fans or at least love listening to his songs. It is mindblowing to know that he's gaining much popularity over time than vice versa (like most artist does).  

#3 Troye Sivan "Blue Neighbourhood

I am soooooo proud of Troye. I can't believe he's living his dream! I remember his older songs like the fault in our stars and happy little pills and even his older covers with fetus troye singing! he's growing big now. he's even on tour! i hope he's coming to malaysia. that'll be super great! it's so good to see your favorite youtuber going big. it's just so cute! i'm like a proud mother of his lol

so that's my first top 3 full album playlist for now. yeah for now. lol. if you'd like me to do another, just let me know.

if you dont know yet, i'm using spotify to listen to music. and i am a premium user because i am a music whore. it is really worth it to be a premium spotifier if you can say because there's a lot of benefits. no ads, unlimited playback, listening offline and more.

spotify is currently offering a good deals for anyone who hasn't been a premium user yet. they offer 3 months for only rm2! (btw this is not sponsored lol i just want to share the great offer~) (click here to go to spotify)

i dont know until when this offer will last but better grab it before its too late. oh and after 3 months ended, the fees will be back to normal which is rm14.90 monthly which is not bad for a unlimited supply of music. but you can still cancel the premium option anytime you want so its convenient!

let me know what do you think of these albums. do you have any fave albums in mind? please do share it on the comment below. i would gladly listen to them! i love sharing music. it's like we're exchanging love to each other lol.

i hope you'll enjoy music anytime anywhere because i definitely do! :)

untill next post bubye xoxo~


  1. I love Troye's album too! It's so majestic I listen to it everyday. Some of albums I like are Alessia Cara Know-It-All, P!ATD Vices and Virtues (old album but still gold) and Against The Current new album, In Our Bones, it hasn't came out yet on Spotify but if it does make sure to check it out because it's freaking awesome :)

  2. my youth is urs trippin on skies sippin waterfalls 🎶

  3. BV slalu guna joox je. dulu guna spotify :D
    tapi joox easier i guess XD

  4. Aina guna joox, lebih mudah guna. about album, i love bieber a lot. dulu nak kata haters tak juga. but now his song is so cool. ~^O^~

  5. too bad spotify is not available here :(
    and can I say that aside from bieber I have no idea who the other two is?
    #musicnoob #mohonjanganbash

    1. you should listen to them they're great! (:

  6. Good taste of music you got! I enjoy listening to em too~

  7. Wow it's pretty good you can hear all of the songs from 1 album. The only album that I can hear all of it only from Taylor Swift or maybe Lana Del Rey xD