Thursday, April 7

33. melaka sexy back

the other day, on 11th of march, me and my photography club go on a trip to melaka. there's a lot of photo taking session happening. i also for some reason had quite a bunch of my sexy back picture taken so i thought it'll be fitting to do an appreciation post on that. i love my photography-sexy-back. it looks a lot more photogenic than my front haha

twas already lingering around in my draft for quite awhile. didn't have strong wifi to upload the photo. but now that i'm back home, i finally get to update it. i also going to update another post of me going to bazar karat (click here to go there). look forward to that! i'm excited for this sem's break (eventho i know i'll be missing peoples but oh well) (i also have a few blogpost ideas and i'm looking forward to post those wish me luck)

see ya next post ;)

oh and, i'm not rajin enough to be putting watermarks but kudos to my precious paparazzi, ameerah kamsani :)


  1. Love all those photos ! How I really wish I can be a great photographer and own a DSLR one day :) By the way, followed your blog :D

    1. thank you! i was grateful for having the opportunity of having a camera and i love it so much! (:

  2. Nice shots babe! Me luvit. followed ;)

  3. nice, i love photography too! :D

  4. WAHHHH terer gak amik gambar, i enjoy all the picture !
    hah suka SENI ? minat buat DIY ? nak belajar buat SABUN ??? Perghhhh MEH SINI :D