Monday, March 14

32. letter to my dear self

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dear lina,

its okay. remember he's not yours. kalau bukan jodoh nak buat macam mana. he deserves someone better. and you are most probably not that someone. its okay to cry. let it go. remember that you always have your god, family and friends by your side. they never let you down. keep it together and be strong. you can do it!

sincerely, lina 🙂


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  2. i dont know what it feels like to be in your shoes, but urm
    i once fell in love with a guy who claimed to be mine, two weeks after we started knowing each other. i didnt know why i fell anyway, i just did. we are in the same course, we happen to be classmates but no ones truly knew what we were because i didnt really have any close friends back then. month after month, i started making friends and i guess it is time to tell the truth, or at least having a friend i can talk my secrets to. i told her, i told them, so that they wont think having doubts anywmore who we were. it happened so fast that i just came to realise that i fell in love with a guy who loves another girl too. i knew about his past relationship, and he told me that they already split due to reasons i wont ask what. sometimes i tried to ask him to stay, i wanted to help him in studies, i always wanna be there for him or at least i know, we are not just lovers, we are also best friends.

    ive been holding this feeling for almost five months
    and i dont know if sometimes i should stay, or try again,

    i know
    he still cant get over her,
    and what hurts so much is when he said "family pun dah lama kenal each other, selalu bertanya khabar,"

    bullshit, aite?