Friday, March 11

31. Favorite sling bag pattern

Hello everybody.
It's been quite awhile since i had been talking fashion so I'm taking the opportunity to ramble about sling bags. I'm the kind of girl who had always been loving sling bags. For me it's a cute way to style a minimalist look.

Not only it is very cool looking but it is also very practical. I am also the kind of girl who always kind of carried away with what i'm bringing with me when i'm going out so by carrying a sling bag, it helps me to limit my stuff into only necessary things.

If you're hunting for a good and a suitable sling bags, you should totally check on the must-have sling bag pattern Below are a very great example of a stylish sling bags. These are also my most favorite sling bag pattern and also a must haves if you're a sling bag whores. 

1. Simple Plain

I usually always will go for a plain bags. Not only sling bags, but also other bags such as backpack bags and handbags. If you know me, you'll probably guess that i'm a sucker for plain black bags. I always prefer black more than other colour. But other cool colours such as red, brown, nude etc etc looks perfect also. Whatever suits your taste best lah!

2. Pretty Prints

Sling bags with colorful printed design are a very expressionist style. For me personally, I really love the tie dye sling bags. It is not just stylish but you'll kinda get that hipster-ish looks. I also had been loving the beautiful aztec prints. If i want to pop some colour into my all-black outfit, i would always go for these kinds of pattern because it always leave a good impression to our outfit.

3.    Leather Chic

Leather sling bags is the ultimate go to style. You can still pulls out the classy look in your simple everyday style. I've always been wanting the one that is small and compact leather sling bag. These bag can also give a hint of the bohemian style if you know how to pair it with suitable outfits.

For me, sling bags is my number two most preferred kind of bag. My number one is of course a backpack! Let me know if you guys also love wearing a sling bag. If you do, which one of the three types mention above are your favorite? Write to me in the comment. I love reading you guy's response.

That's it for today's fashion post. See you on the next post!

p/s: less than a few weeks till i finally finish my third semester! wish me luck for my final project assestments xD


  1. wahh i really love sling bag! :D
    and love all kind of it :)

  2. I prefer smooth ones without patterns etc, makes them look classier and more elegant haha