Wednesday, March 9

30. #happypikaday

hey everybody! it's been quite long but today i'm back! and this is another appreciation post for my friend, Pika! Say happy birthday to her @pik4nzm~

i don't want to say too much as i've already been wishing her all over the place. But i just want to add a little bit fact that i like about her. That one thing that i like about her is that, she appreciate her friends so much. she's that one extraordinary kind of friend. she reminded me of my childhood where everybody likes everyone and friends with everyone. its a pure friendship kinda feeling. she is still a child with her takde perasaan face xD

so i'm going to put some pictures of her getting birthday pranked by us~ (thank goodness she was doing some work outside the house with a guy classmate so she wore a tudung xD)

please pardon our messy house xD oh and look at that, pika has finally turned white! lmao xD