Sunday, February 28

29. from a to b

a: why do you like me?
b: the feeling came out of nowhere

a: since when do you know that you like me?
b: since, that one case at mcd (a very  punny one lol)

a: have you ever cried because of man?
b: yes. its my dad. but other than that, you're the first.

a: have you ever be in a relationship?
b: nope!

a: so am i count as your first love?
b: i dont think so. i've crushed some one before lol

....but if you're talking about "first recruited love" then yes you are the first

a: why dont you want to be in an official relationship?
b:because if its official, thats mean we're tide up in the relationship and thats mean it needed more attention than anything. but for this time being, i need to give more attention towards my study which is currently my top priority right now.

p/s: i really hope you'll wait for me.

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