Wednesday, February 10

28. freebies; quotes wallpaper

happy belated chinese new year! i just had a lot of free time so i decided to make some simple, minimalist, monochrome, aesthetic kind of wallpaper. i made this specially for desktop but you can try and have it as your phone wallpaper if you want to.

click here if you want to see other wallpaper i made.

i'll be definitely busy for the next weeks ahead. the end of the semester is coming pretty fast, so obviously i wont have much time to post here. but i really hope i will get something posted, anything at least. so yeah, i'm hoping everything will be alright. i hope you guys had a great year so far, for sure i did.

see you when i see you ;)

p/s: follow me on twitter @linasyay i think i might be less busier to update my life there, go ahead and stalk over my rants there. lots of love 

^this is what i'm having right now on my desktop. its a quote from a song lyric; 
Who Am I by Sua from Unpretty Rapstar. Really inspiring. Have a listen to it ;)


  1. how :) can :) you :) be :) so :) taLENTED :)

  2. pretty neat layout! and the wallpapers are amazing!

  3. I think I had said this word before but girl! you are seriously so good at designing stuff things

  4. These are so simple, yet so affective. Beautiful!

    Lauren | Pretty Things & Polka Dots