Sunday, February 28

29. from a to b

a: why do you like me?
b: the feeling came out of nowhere

a: since when do you know that you like me?
b: since, that one case at mcd (a very  punny one lol)

a: have you ever cried because of man?
b: yes. its my dad. but other than that, you're the first.

a: have you ever be in a relationship?
b: nope!

a: so am i count as your first love?
b: i dont think so. i've crushed some one before lol

....but if you're talking about "first recruited love" then yes you are the first

a: why dont you want to be in an official relationship?
b:because if its official, thats mean we're tide up in the relationship and thats mean it needed more attention than anything. but for this time being, i need to give more attention towards my study which is currently my top priority right now.

p/s: i really hope you'll wait for me.

Wednesday, February 10

28. freebies; quotes wallpaper

happy belated chinese new year! i just had a lot of free time so i decided to make some simple, minimalist, monochrome, aesthetic kind of wallpaper. i made this specially for desktop but you can try and have it as your phone wallpaper if you want to.

click here if you want to see other wallpaper i made.

i'll be definitely busy for the next weeks ahead. the end of the semester is coming pretty fast, so obviously i wont have much time to post here. but i really hope i will get something posted, anything at least. so yeah, i'm hoping everything will be alright. i hope you guys had a great year so far, for sure i did.

see you when i see you ;)

p/s: follow me on twitter @linasyay i think i might be less busier to update my life there, go ahead and stalk over my rants there. lots of love 

^this is what i'm having right now on my desktop. its a quote from a song lyric; 
Who Am I by Sua from Unpretty Rapstar. Really inspiring. Have a listen to it ;)

Saturday, February 6

27. addiction

coffee, drink, and starbucks image
so i have this one newly found addiction. it is a brand new guilty pleasure of mine. guess what? oh well you might have already guessed by the picture above. but yeah, i just wanna tell that i am addicted to coffee legend (also stylised as kopi lejen). i am seriously am addicted! especially the mocha flavor. its not gula semata-mata like how usually other lokal drink are nowadays. the flavor are there, pekat. really kaw. even when the ice are all melted, it'll still have the strong flavor. its like magic. you wont ever taste tawar. i really recommend any of you, to go hunt for this treasure. have a taste for it yourself. and let me know what you think. do you have the same idea as me or nah..

if you'll like, you can go to @coffeelegendkaww for moar infos.