Sunday, January 31

26. extraordinary

the other day, i was out with my friends. while we're eating. suddenly we started to talk out of our ordinary mind. we talk through our imagination and not through our logic. we were talking "what if" all of a sudden. like, what if we had a noctural eyes instead of friend started it first and from then on, we kept on and on adding a stir into the conversation.

"what if we had our mouth at the top of our head?"

"what if we had hair only on our chin?"

"what if we had hands for our feet and feet for our hands"

it was so funny. we had the biggest laugh. it was funnier because we were eating. so we was like "how would having a mouth on top of our head work if we want to slurp noodles?" etc etc.

its been quite long since i have these kind of conversation. it also has been quite long since i had a big laugh. it was fun. it was so much fun.

you should do it too, sometime, with your best of friends. a good way to bond.

ps: next week is holiday week. can't wait to get back home. i really needed a rest. i also really needed to blogwalk other blog so wait for my visit~ huhu (:


  1. oh my gosh! Me and my friends are literally love to talk about that XD yeah,it's really fun and actually make the friendship stronger! new blogger here :)

  2. My friends and I always do the same thing. XD