Tuesday, January 19

25. pricked

purple, grunge, and pale image

how many times do i have tell everybody that i am nobody's? i am only mine, for now. i don't belong to anyone. i am okay with being on my own. you can befriend me and you can unfriend me. i am just going to be only me. i'm always alone anyway. i don't need no one else to comfort me. i will find that someone when the time has come. but no for this time being. i am so sorry if i hurt anyone intentionally or unintentionally. i was blinded with the world that i'm living in and sometimes i cant see straight. i really can't please everyone's heart, when my own heart was pricked.

edited: i was saying these because there's alot of ignorant people around me. they talk things that they don't even know about me. they assume so much things when i dont even wanna think about it. they always think the otherwise when i did certain things. i never take those seriously but when they came in all at once, i dont think i can handle it. but thank god that there's some people who are there for me too cheer me up. and rather than minding those ignorant people, i would prefer to cheer meself up with people that i love.

sorry for not updating much. i was quite busy, i am still tho. i have two assignments due this Thursday xD i was too busy that i literally forgot that i have blog lol


  1. chillax ok. :)
    u still got some peoples behind u, family, friends etc :D

  2. True. Sometimes we can't please others' feelings. Let's just please our own self first. Hihi :)