Thursday, December 15

november 2016 recap!

Assalamualaikum! How you doing guys? I'm doing quite okay, as for now. As you know, I've just started the new semester. My final semester before going for an internship. Its been hella busy but I'm actually having fun even though it's been a very nervous weeks for every past weeks. You'll know why.

As the title shows, I'm gonna throwback what's happened on the past month of November.

3 november 2016: this is me feeling so excited for the new renovated aeon tebrau. and also excited watching dr. strange. this is also when i'm on a semester break alone since its a short break but glad that some of my friends came back and we had this much fun.

5 november 2016: attended an impromptu concert at taman bukit layang-layang and got to meet Ella and Man Kidal. a very great experience.

13 november 2016: this is another fun experience. me and other semester 5 and 6 had to go to sri iskandar and watch the yutte medai junior pre-recording. its a tamil kids dancing competition. it was a different kind of experience especially watching how all the broadcasting works.

14 november 2016: is the interview day for our majoring. i was hoping to get an advertising major because i've been liking advert ever since semester 3. it was very nerve wrecking to wait for our turn for the interview. those lacterurs can be scary. but thank goodness it went well for me. and syukur i go the major!

18 november 2016: got to see another movie. the long waited fantastic best and where to find them. it was even more fantastic when i have my two most favorite potterhead by my side to watch together. it was definitely a great movie. cant wait for the sequel! 

19 november 2016: an impromptu lunch break at a coincidentally newly opened restaurant; a stone grill restaurant called Azzalava @ Eco World, PG. this is when we started to search for company to collab with for my final year project.

22 november 2016: this is when we have a visit to abang bob's gig hall @ Taman Sierra Perdana near EDL highway. We're glad that we found him and his company. he is a very cool guy and great to work with. Alhamdulillah his company has been chosen to work with us and our final year project.

there's funny story about how we find his company. i think 2 days before, when we started to search for a company, we go to eat at restoran PG @ Taman Mawar. after we done eating, we thought we should go search for his company, which I've googled and it was in Taman Mawar as well. We even searched the taman perumahan area. and after our long failed searchings. we decided to ask the people at the kedai area. we showed her the picture of the company sign that we found on google. she shows that the address on the picture (which we didnt notice earlier was there) are in Sierra Perdana. so we go to sierra perdana and finally found the company but it was close. so we call him and they say they're not around and we shall comeback another day.

so there we are two days later finally got to meet abang bob. and while we're interviewing him, he said that he have a studio in taman mawar. and then we were all curious so we ask him where the hell was it in taman  mawar and then he casually said that it was right next to restoran PG!!! we were genuinely got dumbfounded and we laugh so much for that. it was so stupid but so funny! it was a long story but it was worth it tho haha

24 november2016: get to spent time with friends at air terjun gunung ledang. the water are so cold. and there are so many cute little ikan bilis around that bit our dead skin off. its nice to get to relax and berendam before the start of the new semester.

27 november 2016: the first day of the new semester, we dont have class but instead we had to attend the photography seminar. it was a nice experience to know more about commercial and food photography. and also about how food styling is a very cool profession. lol

i think thats all the highlight for the month of november 2016. it was a busy month but not as busy as this month of december definitely. so i hope it was not too boring for you? but i definitely had fun writing because it actually gave a nice throwback feelings.

so see you on the next post!

ps: poli had a newly improved wifi and it was quite fast. going to use it for the better hehehe

Monday, November 7

update #2: one semester done, two more to go!

hey peeps! assalamualaikum! its me back at it again with another late night post. so how are you guys doing? i hope you guys are doing okay. me? oh i'm feeling so great. why? because the semester has ended. i'm on a short semester break. eventho it's short but i was glad that i can get my sleep back.

there's still two semesters more for me to finish my dip. one semester with final major projects and the last semester for internships. there's actually a lot of things to think about especially for final major projects eventho its semester break, we needed to get ready asap. but its holiday and i'm still catching my sleep teehee

oh if you guys dont mind, i need a little help with my final major project. i really needed a local brand/company with a local products/services (preferably JB based). we will be designing and re-branding their corporate identity, create packaging and advertising for them. we would love a company that can cooperate with us. and if the company are okay and willing to cooperate, they may use our designs afterward as well. so if you guys have anything to share, do comment below. tqvm :)

okay now back to my life. i'm loving the break right now. it's been awhile since i've been lazily laying around doing nothing but eat, watch dramas, listen to music, read books and other stuff that don't need to be mention here cos it's useless lol

last semester are crazy hectic. i couldn't imagine myself on the next semester. i think i'm gonna be insanely busy. ah i'm not ready. can i just stay like this for as long as i want? sure not. i'm not gonna be hoping for a nice semester cos it'll definitely be a harsh one out of all. but i'm not backing out. i'm just gonna "fuck it lets do it". lol. easily say than done. screw me lol.

so wish me luck for my life, study, and mostly for me to frequently update my blog.

ok bye.

Sunday, September 11

updates: been busy

hey guys i'm back! its been so long and i've been very busy. i cant seem to find the right time to write a post. or maybe i'm just giving excuses; that i'm actually lazy or i just dont have anything to talk about

but whatever, i'm back!

since its been hella long since my last post, i thought i shall give some updates on my life right now. my last post in on july the 24th. and today is 11th of september. a little over a month i'm on a blog hiatus. and there's so much going on in my life.

i got into a new semester in june. i get to meet my housemates, classmates and other bunch of mates again which is amazing. but the start of the term is a little bit not-so-great. but thats just a short term issue cos its better now thank goodness.

ok lets talk about my lecturers. there's a few familiar faces but there's also some new faces. not gonna lie but i love my advertising's lecturer. he is my new favorite. he has his own charisma. a very unique one. and he has been very helpful with me and my class.

talk about lecturers, of course there are going to be lack of this and that. but for me, it depends on the student. it was all about that students even from the start. your perspective and the way you perceive things. its all in a different way so i think with these kind of issues, its all about how you'd handle it.

moving onto works and stuff, it's been very busy. even from the very start. with all the event management things where we need to handle events and stuff. all the presentations. all the grouping works which i am really suck at. it was very stressful but i can still handle it, even at the last minutes.

it was really grateful to have friends and family to support you. and if you have a kesayangan, that would be a given. but  for the most part, do not forget to thank god. that's the most important thing to take note.

and for now, i'm getting ready for finals. its getting near to the end of the semester and i am really hoping i would do my best. not just me, but my friends also. i hope we would do our best. and i hope the rest of this semester would be a blast.

and i do really hope i can find some good materials to talk about in my blog. i've used up my brain from all the brainstorming and what not for my assignments lol someone help me

so yeah see you on my next post. please leave a comment if you read this. i just wanna know if there's anyone reading my blog anymore..

Sunday, July 24

meet my bitmoji

hi! so snapchat recently added this awesome update which you can create your own emoji with bitmoji. today i want to introduce you guys to my bitmoji. her name in unikorn. she's a half unicorn and half hooman. she's like the alternate version of me. but don't worry she's still cute~

if you want your own version of bitmoji, you can download the bitmoji app on app store or play store and start creating yourself!

Saturday, July 9

is this a nightmare?

so i had a dream last night. me and a friend are going out buying stickers (for some reason) at somewhere deserted (there's nobody there i think). and then there's this two mat rempit also buying stickers. they're kinda the douchebag (like the way they stare at us and what not). and somehow, i didnt have enough cash to pay for the stickers, but then one of the mat rempit "kindly enough" to pay for it. i knew they had other intention (you know when you just knew that someone is so evil, so they are these kinda guy la). and then later on the mat rempit friend came. i somehow knew this guy (i think i had him in another dream as well where he also pay for my stickers but i knew he's a nice guy because i just knew lmao). so i give a suggestion to them for me to go cash out some money at the atm. so me and the nice guy with the evil mat rempit try to go to the atm. while on our way, one of the evil mat rempit which is also the fat guy, suddenly came from my back, kinda like trying to hug me from behind. but he's not hugging me, instead he push in my belly so hard! like super strong hard for quite a long time. at one point, i felt his pushing force are decreasing so i thought he's done with it but nope he continue putting force in his push again. it was really hard that i actually woke up from my sleep and i legit pegang my perut. i was actually shocked from it.  i can still feel my belly being pushed in so hard right now. 

and i think he did that because he wanted to know if i was pregnant with that nice guy's baby. i know right? wth! 

and now that i think about it, i kinda have two reasonable reason why i had this dream. but i'm not gonna tell them here. i'm just gonna kept it a secret. lol 

so yeah that's me and my dream. have you ever had a dream like this which is a very heavily plotted story with a pinch of wtf-ness to it? do share with me because why not haha 

disclaimer: this is an actual dream of mine. i might have changed some bit of the story or whatever but its a dream and i never remember my dream perfectly lol

oh yea i am currently obsess with saitama (eventho i currently reading gintama while waiting for new updates for opm)

Saturday, July 2

classmates appreciation post

so here to the start of the new semester, i'm posting this as an appreciation post to some of my classmates. hoping this semester would be a blast.

as you can see, i'm in love with this geeky snapchat filter. its too cute xD

oh btw if you want to add me on snapchat, scan the code below and see you there xD

Saturday, June 11

i replaced my iphone's battery

so not long before ramadhan the other day, i set an appointment for my iphone battery replacement. my phone is old, so the battery is draining abnormally fast. for example, it will drop from 100% to 50% in an hour even if i dont do anything. imagine how fast it draining when i'm using it? and my battery get super hot sometimes too.

before i set this appointment with this particular service. i spend a few days googling and surveying every possible iphone battery replacement service i can find. i found i2fix, applesensei and even some random dude on lelong.

after a good survey on google, i also search on instagram. i found a few instagram service shop. but my eyes caught on digitalsupplyco!

okay now you may wonder why dont i just go to a physical shop? because seeing those reviews on instagram actually made me feel a lot confident to  give my phone for a repair. furthermore, they did it in less that an hour. maybe even less than 15 minutes. and they also did it in front of my own eyes so there is no possible scamming such as exchanging other parts of the phone or whatever without you knowing

(usually if i have several screenshot at once like this, i would also have a different battery percentage but not anymore :") )

but all of these can be done if i just go to i2fix? they have a really good service. yes i know that. i've read some good articles about them too. i was actually planning on going there if that is my only option. but i just cant find time to actually go there. not by myself of course.

and since you can go and make appointment with digitalsupplyco and meet anywhere around klang valley. it is a real time saving. i get to set the appointment at kfc near my house. it just felt like they have a booth just near my house. it felt like just a blink of an eye when they cross open my iphone.

this tech bro who specifically came to me for my appointment is real nice too. he's a malay. eventho i'm just shy and quiet but he did a good job at trying to start a conversation. even when he ask sepatah and i jawab sepatah. lmao. i am so bad. but definitely kudos to this tech bro (oh gosh i didnt even remember his name)

but he does gives a few tips and opinion like how i should update the ios via itunes on computer and how my iphone has this slight green or yellow border around my lcd; this is caused by water getting into your iphone (i already know those haha). while he was doing surgery on my iphone, he even showed me some dust yang bersarang in my iphone lmao i have a really filthy phone.

i really should save money and buy a new phone (omg i always say this but never really do it)

so in conclusion, i think digitalsupplyco is as good as i2fix. if you want to repair your iphone i would definitely suggest these two services. i2fix and digitalsupplyco. i am satisfied with digitalsupplyco because my iphone experience now is better than ever. and i would love to try the i2fix service, maybe soon?

so yeah, that is me rambling about my iphone battery replacement experience. thanks for reading eventho it kinda crap lol

see you when i see you byeeeeee x

Sunday, June 5

once a fangirl, always a fangirl

i used to fangirl a lot. i do fangirl sometimes nowadays but not as often as back then. nowadays there will just be a nice random moment of a fangirl mode. compared to last time where every time is fangirl mode time.

i was going through my old medias on twidda and i found myself bunch of old fangirl tweeds. a lot of them are quite hilarious so i thought i should make fun of myself by sharing some of it here.

aww good ol' top joke :')

this is the time where i seemingly is a wife for my oppa (but i am still tho) (we just dont show it to public) (we kinda have a secret relationship) (oh shh dont tell anyone pls keep it to urself thnks)

i hate smoking. i hate smokers. but i somehow cant find myself hating gd for smoking. truth be told, he is hot when he smoke. ah see me fangirl is blinding me! haha

guuuuurrrrllll wtf is a blode??? omg haha classic lina with her classic typos. but he does looks awesome hehe

yes i am that type of fangirl who fangirl for oppa's sweat.those are some dark days

tru story
wait... what?

me right now, while writing this post. i could not scroll any more further. its cringy af! yes! i have a lot more! and i must be cringeworthy! if you want, you can go check yourself on my twidda. but only if you want. oh of course you dont want right? who would want to stalk me for no good reason loooooooooool kbye haha

Friday, May 27

introducing: Zion.T

ok i'm introducing this new segment kinda thing in my blog. it is called "introducing". lol yeah. its basically a post where i introduce you guys with something i like. it can be anything. music, movie, books etc etc. i've been wanting to make something like this but never really know how to put it up but now here it is!

so for the first "introducing" ever, i'm going to introduce an artist! its Zion T! he's a korean hip hop and r&b artist. his voice is the best, the most beautiful, the most gorgeous ever!

Zion.T - "SHE" ft. Beenzino
this is one of the first song that i love from him. thanks to beenzino (featured in the song), i get to discover zion.t

GD - "I LOVE IT" - ft. Zion.t & Boys Noize
ah this is another masterpice. ofcourse i have to share Gd's song featured with Zion.T. oh and did i mentioned zion.t recently has joined YG?

ZICO - "EUREKA" ft. Zion.T
and this is a zico's song featured with him. and you might have noticed by now that zion.t have featured in bunch of songs but it was still great music. being featured in other people music make fans like me to discover more gems in korean hip hop industries hehe

another featuring by zion.T. this is one of the video that pops in my subscription list, and i just happen to click it because is has zion.t and i love it! the mv is cool too

Zion.T - "NO MAKE UP"
this is his latest single. i think zion.t love girls with no make up or they just love making songs about no make up? but whatever it is, he never fail to mesmerize me with his voice!

these are just a few music recommendation for zion.T. there are a lots of great music from him. you guys should check out his album "Red Lights" if you're interested in him. that entire album are gold!

oh i also think that zion.t has massive shades collection at home hehe

Saturday, May 21

used to be alone?

quote, black and white, and manga image

are you an introvert or extrovert? i've always been an introvert. i am awkward around other people. i sometimes don't know how to start a conversation or how to have a good conversation. overall i'm just that one boring friend that others just trying to avoid.

but somehow i try to change myself, well at least give myself a try to talk to people more, or talk to more people. it was hard at first but as i start to get a hang of it, my confident level started to build higher. 

i somehow overcome my fear of class presentations, talking to lecturers, answering calls (this is legit), ask strangers question (still trying my best).

if you see me back when i was in high school, you'd probably be shocked at how much i've changed. yeah, i actually fear answering calls from people (usually unknown numbers). but i've somehow got rid of that fear. i don't even know if it is a legitimate fear or not but i thats the truth that actually happened to me.


there are some things that i cannot change. the fact that i prefer being alone. i've get used to being an introvert. and i think one of the factor that contribute to that is i'm the only child. the only friends i actually have are at school. and since my house are quite far from my school, i dont have any friends in my neighborhood,  it is a sad truth.

but to be honest, i dont felt as lonely. i always have things that would kept me busy, kept my mind occupied and kind of makes me forget that i'm alone. i also have my family. they are not perfect but they're not the worst. they are giving enough love so i was thankful for that.

being an introvert and being a person who is used to be alone makes me stuck in my own world. it made me ignore others. i didnt do that purposely obviously. i just dont know how to handle it. the next thing i remember, i've done it again. and again. over and over again. i feel bad for those people. i really am. 

i sometimes felt like i dont deserve friends. i have this anxiety feeling of how people would think of me. and i hate that. i know there are people who will think i'm such a bitch or something. what can i do. i'm bad with people. and i'm so sorry.

i was grateful i have this blog. at least i can throw my heart out here. 

i think i'm on that time of the month huhu

♪ #nowplaying Fxxk Wit Us by Lee Hi ft. Dok2 

Wednesday, May 11

happy birthday to me

hey guys! today is my 20th birthday! happy birthday to me! yay!

haha but seriously i'm 20. i'm old.

but i'm happy. i've been living 20 years of my life, not so much but i'm enjoying it. and i hope i'm enjoying most of it to the fullest! apart from having the results a day before my birthday, but that's not going to get me down. not really but oh well haha.

wishing for me to be a better person. work hard for the next semester hopefully. eat more food, i mean healthier food haha (that's probably not gonna happen but i'll try).

so yeah here's to another wonderful life, wonderful semester, wonderful friends and families, wonderful blog, wonderful everything. i hope!

and i'm so sorry that i'm not updating much here. i've been "busy" with holiday. you know what i mean. i'm really good at procrastinating on semester break. but i promise i'm going to post something so wait for that.

happy birthday to meeeeeeee huhu ~