Saturday, December 26

22. freebies; phone wallpaper

this is kinda my first ever freebies. so feel free to save these and set it as your phone wallpaper. tak seberapa but oh well. this is also kinda like a new year eve gift from me to you so yeah. happy advance new year~

Saturday, December 19

21. surviving

cat, cute, and black and white image
hai and assalamualaikum!
i've been sick for the past week.  that's why i have not been blogwalking that much. plus all the school stuffs. believe it or not, i didn't go to the doctor at all. despite the denggi season. that's just how busy i am. and i just love living dangerously. it started off with a fever and then a cough, a bad cough and then i lost my voice. this, i might say, the worst that i've lost my voice. the last time i lost my voice was when i was in my secondary school. i thought that would be it but no. i lost my voice for a good 3 to 4 days. that's crazy! i can't believe it myself! it's terrifying too!

and now i'm back at my home sweet home. thank goodness we got a week holiday for christmas! right when i get back here in selangor, i got my voice back! am i actually missing home? lol and my mom is so cute. right when i get home she said "nanti mak keluarkan ubat batuk cap ibu dan anak dari fridge. nanti dia dah tak sejuk makan tau.".

i was planning of not going home for the holiday. but because i'm sick. i just had too. i think this is the right thing to do. Allah nak tunjukkan kita sesuatu. And that be my family. Because when you're sick, your family are the ones who you want to see the most, and your family would want to see you when you're sick too. Who knows, with Allah's will, what'll happen. Anything could happen.

So the lesson of the day or month or year (we're getting to new year),  if you have the chance, get back home and see your family!

also, with this post, i wanted to thank my housemates, to put up with my misery while i was sick. with them, i got to experience the cool fever for the first time lol. thanks to that certain someone who gets my craving fixed. thanks to everyone who wished me well. thank you so much guys! sorry if korang berjangkit pulak huhu

that's all for today. see you guys next year. cheers! xo

Saturday, December 12

20. where to go on the internet

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hai and assalamualaikum.
i am making this list for me myself because i don't know why but there is time when my mind suddenly goes blank i don't know where to go on the internet. haha wth lah kan? but i'm serious so here i am again posting another thing that had to do with internet. i'm sharing with you guys where i would always go to on the internet to pleasure my never-ending boredomness.

1// youtube; just watch some random sheets over there. vlogs, mvs, how-to's, cats etc etc

2// blog; the reason why you might be here on my blog are because you're bored. or maybe you're just a creep. but yeah, write a post or read some blog.

3// twitter; where you can read rants, retweet rants, join rants, post rants and fangirling.

4// tumblr, weheartit, pinterest; these are the places where i get my inspirations. most of the time lah. other places pun ada bagi inspirations jugak but not as much or maybe im just being ignorance haha.

5// 9gag, boredpanda, buzzfeed; these places are the place with different kind of entertainment. these are what i would call my ultimate boring savior. it always keeping me entertained with stupid and smart humors!

6// bigbangupdates, allkpop, billboard; these are the places for the kpoppers or mainly fangirl/boy to go enhance their kpopness, or just music in general.

7// online games; brings out your inner child. express yourself through dress up or cooking games. i know you'll enjoy it. because i certainly did!

8// email; wtf? who does this? kbye

tell me what's your most frequent websites that you always go~

Saturday, December 5

19. crush

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have you ever like someone? have you ever had a crush on someone? oh well, i definitely did.

so on this post. i'll be talking about my one and only, long lost crush. lol. seriously he's worth an appreciation post because he's like my ultimate crush. he's my first and most probably is the last crush ever

i crush him for so long ever since form one and at that time he's form two (real life senpai) and there's only few of my school friend knew about this. but they only knew not untill form 4/5. i kept it a secret for quite some times. i'm that serious haha

along those school years, there have been quite an eventful things that had happened between us. but i'll get back to that later.

but first, how do i know him? how did i actually liked him? haha

masa form one. on the very first rumah sukan meeting. that's when i first saw him. he was form two at that time and he's the rumah sukan president. just so you know, form  1 and form 2 sekolah petang. so dia president untuk rumah sukan sesi petang.

i was alone that time because i dont have friends with me. i was so shy back then. so because of that i was just looking at people, including him. because he's the president, my eyes were focused on him the most. and at that time, i thought "omg this guy is so calm, laid back and so relax". he's coolestness attracts me. now that i see him (on school year book and his instagram cough cough), he's not that attractive in term of handsomeness. but he's skin is quite fair which results in people calling him apek lol

from that moment. i secretly eyeing on him all the time

and from then on, there's also a few coincidental events happened between us. i remembers a few bizzare one.

there's this one time. on our school's sport day. i think he's about to go run for 4 x 400? i think la. and i was a pbsm that jaga at one edge of the padang. so he suddenly come to me and then kinda want to hand his topi to me. to ask me to jaga his topi. i was terkejut that time so i cant really hear what he was saying so i was like "haa?" to him. and then he just gave up on me and put his topi on a bendera pole instead. i was nervouse and excited but a bit dissappointed at that time. but oh well at least i've had an eye contact and he talked to me.

there's also this one time, at the school canteen. he was lepaking with his friends at the back of the canteen. i guess he's eating kacang? and i just so happen to walk infront of them while he was doing something that i don't know what because i was too shy to look at him but then suddenly something fled and hit me, on my head. i think its the kacang kot. so i was menggelabah and look at him lah. and then he was like "eh eh sorry sorry." i think he's the one who did it? i think lah. but i just go away as fast as i can. i was embarrased.

and i remember he's walking with a girl. and because of jealousy, i said that her face macam tepung gomak. haha seriously doh muka dia putih gila. lupa pulak nak tengok tangan dia pun putih jgak ke tak. i think this was in his form 2 or 3 because after pmr, dah tak nampak dah perempuan tu. pindah kot. tapi nasib baik my crush tak pindah hehe.

i think form 4 kot. he was with this one girl. she's free hair. i saw them lovey dovey on our school sport event (just a small event at the basketball court). jealous kot. and than ada satu masa tu, i dont remember when, in my class, i was just with my friends there's no other classmates around, i think ada event ke apa ke. then that girl came in and ask if he can tumpang tido. my friend pulak kenal dia sebab dorang satu kelab. that time banyak gak lah idea jahat datang. nasib i baik orangnye so those evil thoughts had to be put aside lol

after his spm, i think i saw him came to the school. tapi he just lepak kat depan sekolah (tempat orang tunggu parents etc). and i saw him with a junior. wth lah. ramainya awek dia.

and i even remember the last time i saw him. and thats not even near the school at all. that time i was going to g-dragon's one of a kind concert. i was queueing for the ktm tickets. and as i look back. i saw him. it's so kelakar. he's always there at a very unexpected time. i get paranoid of thinking he's like a guardian for me or something lol

now everytime i browse through my school yearbook, i always find myself searching for his picture. he's like one of my few good memories of school that i wont ever forget. huhu but i really hope i will see him again sooner.

i've also just found his instagram. i followed him and he followed me back. instant fangirl mode there huhu. it's just feel awesome to see your forever crush liked your photo on instagram keke

do you have crush? how long have ever been crushing? or are you in a relationship with a crush? tell me i wanna know hehe

p/s: i'm so loyal even he's just a crush kekeke imagine if i have a boyfriend/husband xD guys take note~ kekekeke