Saturday, December 19

21. surviving

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hai and assalamualaikum!
i've been sick for the past week.  that's why i have not been blogwalking that much. plus all the school stuffs. believe it or not, i didn't go to the doctor at all. despite the denggi season. that's just how busy i am. and i just love living dangerously. it started off with a fever and then a cough, a bad cough and then i lost my voice. this, i might say, the worst that i've lost my voice. the last time i lost my voice was when i was in my secondary school. i thought that would be it but no. i lost my voice for a good 3 to 4 days. that's crazy! i can't believe it myself! it's terrifying too!

and now i'm back at my home sweet home. thank goodness we got a week holiday for christmas! right when i get back here in selangor, i got my voice back! am i actually missing home? lol and my mom is so cute. right when i get home she said "nanti mak keluarkan ubat batuk cap ibu dan anak dari fridge. nanti dia dah tak sejuk makan tau.".

i was planning of not going home for the holiday. but because i'm sick. i just had too. i think this is the right thing to do. Allah nak tunjukkan kita sesuatu. And that be my family. Because when you're sick, your family are the ones who you want to see the most, and your family would want to see you when you're sick too. Who knows, with Allah's will, what'll happen. Anything could happen.

So the lesson of the day or month or year (we're getting to new year),  if you have the chance, get back home and see your family!

also, with this post, i wanted to thank my housemates, to put up with my misery while i was sick. with them, i got to experience the cool fever for the first time lol. thanks to that certain someone who gets my craving fixed. thanks to everyone who wished me well. thank you so much guys! sorry if korang berjangkit pulak huhu

that's all for today. see you guys next year. cheers! xo


  1. get well soon dear :)
    memang kalau sakit rasa nak sentiasa dekat ngan family je T^T

  2. I'm sick too. Runny nose and headache dampen my mood to study <=alasan
    Hope both of us can get well soon

  3. huhuhuhu.. mcm trukk jaa.. okay dahh??? anyway nak jmput awak singgah blog sayaa.. cuci mata tngok kain sngkt yg cantikk

  4. Speedy recovery and take care Lina.