Saturday, December 12

20. where to go on the internet

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hai and assalamualaikum.
i am making this list for me myself because i don't know why but there is time when my mind suddenly goes blank i don't know where to go on the internet. haha wth lah kan? but i'm serious so here i am again posting another thing that had to do with internet. i'm sharing with you guys where i would always go to on the internet to pleasure my never-ending boredomness.

1// youtube; just watch some random sheets over there. vlogs, mvs, how-to's, cats etc etc

2// blog; the reason why you might be here on my blog are because you're bored. or maybe you're just a creep. but yeah, write a post or read some blog.

3// twitter; where you can read rants, retweet rants, join rants, post rants and fangirling.

4// tumblr, weheartit, pinterest; these are the places where i get my inspirations. most of the time lah. other places pun ada bagi inspirations jugak but not as much or maybe im just being ignorance haha.

5// 9gag, boredpanda, buzzfeed; these places are the place with different kind of entertainment. these are what i would call my ultimate boring savior. it always keeping me entertained with stupid and smart humors!

6// bigbangupdates, allkpop, billboard; these are the places for the kpoppers or mainly fangirl/boy to go enhance their kpopness, or just music in general.

7// online games; brings out your inner child. express yourself through dress up or cooking games. i know you'll enjoy it. because i certainly did!

8// email; wtf? who does this? kbye

tell me what's your most frequent websites that you always go~


  1. Haha that's true but my versions just change the genre and fanboy , I'm more into japanese culture mind of "fan" :D . Haha

    - Syamsid Blog -


  2. mine are blog, facebook, youtube tgk buzzfeed videos, pinterests and read article best best macam kat boredpanda :D

  3. I'm more to KPOP. I'm okay. I'm done.

  4. youtube, blog & twitter of course!!