Sunday, November 29

18. long distance relationship

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i have been in this one phase of my internet life where i watch lots of long distance relationship videos on youtube.

so i came across this couple, camilia (sarinjas) and mahathir. she's from sweden while he's from singapore.

so they post their first ldr videos. which mahathir came to sweden to meet sarinjas for the first time.

it kinda get lots of attentions to it because they were being so overly-attached to each other like kissing etc etc on the video. they've got lots of bad reactions and people are so against their relationship.

but there's also a lot of people thought that they are cute sweet and stuff and supports them.

at that time, being a young, innocent teens i was, i thought it was really bizzare. to know that a malay and a swedish being very romantically involved in public, make a video of it. it's weird to see that. since i've not been expose to that kind of thing.

they post few more videos of them, and i'm just there,watching their videos. and then time passes as i just forgot about them and kinda moving on with my life.

and then a few times later, i found them again, but at that time, they've broken up. but that time, mahathir still have a few videos of them on his youtube channel. while sarinjas have a new look; short hair!

i guess their ldr doesnt work out the way they wanted. i think sarinjas are the one who call it off first. and because of that, they gets people attentions again.

and then i was like, okay then. (when i found out about this, they both had already move on) so good for them.

and now, present, i just came across them again. apparently, mahathir deleted all their videos but there are some people "kindly" enough re-upload them.

being me, like i've always does, i google them and guess what?

i just found out that  sarinjas converted into Islam! Alhamdulillah. i guess things happened. and for her, she have so much more written for her. and getting married are one of them. she's married now. congrats to her.

look at how beautiful she is!

this ldr story teaches how we can't judge people on the internet. simply on how many minutes they shared, how many words they wrote and what so. they have a long time ahead of their life and people can change. either for good or the other way around, its their choice.

as for me, i hope i can be better for good. and i hope you too.

thanks for reading this xx

ps// sarinjas kinda looks like amanda from makeupbymandy24 hm i have a thing for their lips (k im a weirdo bye)


  1. LDR is so me T_T Tapi takdelah jauh sangat pun haha Malaysia ni kecik je kann. Sarinjas cantiknyaaa! <333

  2. i been thru LDR, but i doesnt work out for me T^T

    1. aw its okay. there's plenty of things that'll work out for you surely. just have faith~ (:

  3. AWWHHH dah kawinnnnnn. Long long long time ago ada follow dorg kat tumblr. T_T dah masuk Islam and dah kawin!!! Alhamdulillah.... <3