Thursday, November 12

16. That types of person

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Hai and assalamualaikum.
Today i am answering a tag questions from this guy haha

1// Breakfast, Lunch or dinner?
= Bruncher! ahahahahah i am a fatass

2// After you eat a bowl of cereal, do you drink the milk?
Of course! Tak baik membazir. Unless you havecats so then you could give the leftover milk to your cats. That would be sho cute!

3// Fold or Crumple?
i tear it into two. one piece i'll fold and the other i'll crumple. fair enuff?

4// Shampoo then Body Wash or Body Wash then Shampoo?
Body wash then shampoo. Sebab nak bagi wangi tu lekat betul betul kat badan

5// Are you typically Stressed or Relaxed?
Relaxed. Overly relaxed if i must say huhu

6// Patient or Impatient?
Patient. My mom pun ada cerita that when i was baby, i was so patient

7// Schedule or Go With the Flow?
Both lah sebab there are things that should be schedule and there are things that you can just go with it flow

8// When you were a kid, What did you want to be when you grow up?
Being honest, cikgu. i dont even know why. oh maybe because my once said that being a cikgu ni banyak cuti lol wth

9// Prankster or Not?
I think so mehehehe

10// Do you sleep with the lights open or closed?
you know there are times when you are so comfortably tucked in your bed and then u realized you havent turn the lights off. that's when.

11// Concert or Theme Park?
yahh why so hard lah question xD if it was me ofcourse i would choose both

12// Music or Book?
yaaah again? how could you lah. but if you insist, i would prolly choose music. hm T_T

13// Book or Movie?
i'm crying i could not choose but i had to hmmm movie maybe

14// Fries or Onion Ring?
say yes to potato! blegh onions -_-

15//McDonalds or KFC?

16// Coffee person or Tea person?
coffeeeeh! give me mah coffeeeeeh <3 p="">
17// Which movie genre, Romance or Horror?
horror and then romance huhu

18// Rather Introvert or Extrovert?

19// Can you curl your tongue?
i can do it inward lol

20// Can you whistle?


  1. seriously you can do it inward? wow!

    1. a lot of the time. i dont even know what im talking about haha

  2. Onion ring taste nothing like onion tbh haha!

  3. high five for the brunchie person!

  4. wahhh, being patient as a baby thats a really good things. go girl!