Sunday, August 16

9. letter to my dear friend

first of all, this is universal. means it is for all my dearest friends and not only just for some specific person or whatever. no hard feelings. it is just my own opinion on this matter. please read. 

so in friendship, there's ups and downs. we should be happy together and sad together too. 

so typically when we're altogether happy, there's nothing to worry about. we just dont care shit about anything and totally just having fun.

but then there will be times when we'll be sad, shallow, melancholic, stresses
d, or even angry. but that doesnt and never stop us from being in this friendship.

sharing is caring and so our problem meant to be share between us. anything from your family problems, love interests, study stuffs and so. 

the things in friendship or relationship or any other ship you can find is that we cant kept our self quiet. keeping thing to yourself. if you ought to be like that, then why bother to have friendship in the first place?

friends were meant to care about you. but sometimes there are this is a kind of friend who just dont understand or did they even know how care they are towards you?

you're sharing all out when you're having fun. laughing together. but why not sharing all out about your problem too. cry together. thats what real friendship should look like, should feel like. 

when you cried for attention, your real friends will never left you grasping, attention. in the other hand, they would give u more attention. and yet you still say they never care for you which a very selfish statement.

what would you do if the friend who have always cared for you stop giving any care at all? what would you do if the friend who always gives you advice stop giving any wise words to you? 

if you're acting like a 5 years old kids towards your friend, thinking like your friend have no other life besides comforting you only, then you should never even consider to have a friend. dont make friends with anybody at all. dont even make any conversation with anybody. because when you started to even talk one bit with someone, automatically that person is in your life. part of your life. 

i know its up to them to even need to care for you but i know there's a lot of nice and good people who would cared for you even if they only knew you a few hours. its in human nature to be sympathetic. and it is also up to you to took advantage of it for your own good or took it for everybody's own good. 

i wrote this a while ago, and i forgot how to end it. so if you have a friend, please take care of the friendship. because this friendship will hold on until forever and you will regret it if you ever did any wrong to it and you'll cherish it if you really appreciate it.

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