Wednesday, July 1

4. letter to my guy friends

i never had a guy friends before. before this, my whole life only consist of me, few of my girl friends and family. i don't talk to boys. at least not always. but still not much, compared to other girls.

so i'm writing this just to express my feeling. what a girl like me feels about guys. since i'm getting along well with guys recently. and also to show how i actually felt thankful of it.

my definition of guy friends are those who you can talk to about anything, doing school work with, play dumb with, hang out with. typically all the things i do with my girl friend. but the difference is i do it with guys instead.

having this friendship with guy doesn't mean i like them in a sexual way at all. its just the same with girls. just to share your ups and downs. 

but since i'm not very good around guys in the first place, which i still am. there should be some flaws in the friendship. i'm a shy girl. so talking to any boys in general made me nervous. so this makes me hard to say my feelings. either i'm hurt or what. this'll definitely happened  a lot with girl friends too but the force are different because its guys. 

so i'm sorry if i act like a bitch. because i just don't know or don't want to act like i'm happy when i'm not. but i'm also not going to say anything because i'm an introvert at heart. so please, approach me with your true kindness, because i'd love a simple talk with you if you'd love to.

-xo lina

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