Wednesday, June 10

3. test taste

no no no this post aint about food at all.
so here's the thing, i just got a dslr camera. i'm too happy about that. so this post is all about my test taste on it. no no no i'm not eating it. it kinda my own impressionism on it. i'm getting overly artistic there. but its sounds more sarcastic tho. uh wtv nobody's care. um k enjoy the shots :)

these shots also pretty much tells you how my life has been for the past couple of months. you see i got to buy a camera, i also go on a huge shopping spree at the f.o.s warehouse sales. i bought a new pair of converse. yup this past months only revolves around me and spending an awful lot amount of money.

but in the end its all worth it. because this kind of event does not happen everyday!

and i'm also going back to jb. for the new semester of school. got lots of things to settle. wish me luck guys. i hope i could write more!

xx lina

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