Monday, May 25

2. my high school story


When I was in high school, I have always been an introvert. I'm so socially awkward. I only have a few friends that I actually talk and laugh to. Yup only a few. And I never really talk to boys too. I never actually had a real conversation with any boys. So when I get into Poli, I was so impress by my own self, to be able to actually hold conversation with guys (even male lecturers) , working together for group assignments, and all other things that I'll never imagine myself do with guys.

And I also think I never had any conversation with teachers. Only short talks but that's all. I guess I'm not that nosy kind of student back then which very different from what i am now. I was brave enough to text my lecturers and ask stuffs (school related of course). And sometimes, when i really needed to (seriously) i would call them on behalf of my classmates. Usually to ask about assignments and class stuffs.

Back in high school, i would always be that kind of friend who depends on their friend. For example, asking your friend to ask things for you or ask about homework problems instead of asking the teachers instead and etc etc. but now, its completely turn the table 360! I starting to become that friend who my friends depends on (which i think i might just being full of myself lol correct me if im wrong)

Despite my really bad attitude towards everyone, i also dont do well on my academics (except english, the one and only subject that i like) and this is the start of a huge downfall for me. When i got my spm result, i thought this result wont get me anywhere. Thats why i was more than thankful to get accepted to poli. Eventho i can always get in ipts which cost an awful load of money.

This is like a second chance to me. And therefore i should take this chance. And thats why i start to turn the whole world around. I might still seems to be an introvert but at least i leveled up on my life which is really nice. I hope i can stay or always improve and will only look back for memories and learn the lessons i had.

So you might wanna start changing if you have a situation like me. Because changing to be a better person is never too soon or too late. Like i myself, since i finally started to be more open, i felt like i have a less stressful life (still stress of all the works and stuff tho) and so i have found myself enjoying every bits of my life. Sounds cheesy but believe me, its worth it and you'll love it!

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