Monday, September 29

sept faves

When September ends

September going to end soon so we'll be welcoming October. I thought it'll be interesting to share my September favorites with you guys. *acahacahyoutubersbwekk*

1// Shows; Mix & Match
2// Drama: Kindaichi Shonen No Jinkenbo Neo
3// Manga: Story of Someone We Know
4// Youtube: Fun for Louis
5// Penny boarding
6// Song: Happy Little Pill by Troye
7// Apps: Spotify
8// Audiobook: Seriously I'm Kidding by Ellen DeGeneres
9// Sandara Park's apple hair style
10// Album: Winner's 2014 s/s

Sunday, September 28

ios 8

So iPhone 6 just came out. And of course there will be new updates. Ios 8. So do you guys use iPhone or iPod etc etc? If yes, have you update the ios?

I recommend don't! Lol. Just wait till apple force you to. It's not any better tho.  I think I like ios 7 better and I know many of you agree to me as well!

I update it the other day. It's a big hassle when it needs 4.6gb space to update. No, its not that the update will take 4gb of your iPhone space but it just need it for the updates process.

If you really want to update, I reckon you use iTunes through Macbook or PC. But honestly, it took me whole day to update! Berjanggut aku tunggu -___-

Thursday, September 18

Liebster Award

There are several people tagged me for this Liebster Award. So I thought why not? You can get to know me and all that jazz~

#1 Liebster Award nominated by cik meow.

1. Perasaan terhadap kucing? hehe.
Semua kucing boyfriend saya haha
2.  Suka pet ape dan kenapa?
Kucing, obviously.
3. Prefer pakai shawl or bawal? Jenis macam mana dan kenapa?
Wide shawl > bawal
4. Kalau pegi zoo, paling excited tengok binatang ape? hehe.
5. Teknik yang korang selalu guna utk pikat ibu or ayah supaya belikan something yang korang nak. ngehehe.
Selalunya Lina tunjuk gambar something tu and then buat mata puppy :3
6. Warna yang paling korang tak suka dan sebabnya.
Rasanya takde. Every colors are uniqe~
7. Kalau diberi peluang jadi jutawan utk satu hari shj, ape korang nak buat dalam satu hari tu?
Beli everything yang ada dalam wishlist and larikan diri ke Korea.
8. Pernah kena marah gilerr2 x oleh sesiapa? and ape salah yang korang buat mase tu? hehe.
My dad. Tak ingat pasal apa tapi dia marah sangat sampai dia tarik keyboard komputer and wayar dia terputus!
9. Udang dengan sotong mane lagi sedap? huu.
Soalan ni tak adil. Dua-dua sedap!
10. Satu perkataan je yg boleh describe diri korang.
11. Last skali... apa pendapat korang tentang blog cikmeow ni (Life's Rainbow) 
Comel, cute dan colourful. Nama pun rainbow hihi

#2 Liebster Award nominated by Nad

1. Apakah tempat yang paling anda suka di negeri anda sendiri? Kenapa?
Rumah. That's where I can get most comfy and I can just be myself without worrying what others thought (except my parents lol)
2. Pandai masak ke tak? Kalau ya, suka masak apa? Masak air ngan maggi tak kira ya..
Anything yang goreng, ayam black pepper, sambal kentang. Somethings that simple lah
3. Apa perkara paling menakutkan yang pernah anda alami?
Being in an accident. Nothing minor but it's still scary you know.
4. Sekarang describe perkara paling sweet pulak.
Bila I can kacau my mom. Geletek geletek dia and she'll geletek me balik. haha that sound sooo weird xD
5. Apakah nama komik yang paling disukai?
International; bakuman. Local: All Ben's masterpiece~
6. Kalau boleh jadi superhero untuk sehari, nak jadi superhero apa?
7. Kenapa pilih superhero tu?
Dia kaya and cool!
8. What kalau translate maksud dia apa?
9. What kalau translate maksud dia apa?
10. Haish. Orang tanya, what kalau translate maksud dia apa?
Apa hahahaha
11. Haha jangan marah. Last question, hadiah apa yang paling korang nak menang dalam sesuatu giveaway?
Tak marah lah. iPad? hehehehehe 

#3 Liebster Award nominated by Dikna

1. What is name of your blog ? Why ?
Lina Lina. Because one Lina is not enough, we need two :3
2. What do you like to share in your blog ?
My life. My blog is like my social journal.
3. Who is your idol ?
4. What is the theme of your blog ?
Simple monochrome with a slight blue of cuteness (if you know what i mean hihi)
5. Who is your inspiration ?
My parents
6. Who is your best friends ?
Choi Seunghyun and Song Minho (you know who you are!)
7. What is your favorite country in this world ? Why ?
I have to say Malaysia because I've been to anywhere so I cant say I love it when I've never been there right?
8. What is your hobby ?
9. Lappy or phone ?
Unfair question! But if I had to, my phone I guess. I think I'm on my phone more
10. What is your opinion about my blog ? ( Be honest )
Simple, cute and lots of blue <3 nbsp="" p="">11. What is your nickname ?
Nanlina? (which means 'go crazy' in korean)

#4 Liebster  Award nominated by Ana

1. Nama panggilan apa. Umur berapa? Asal kat mana?
Lina. 18. Sabah
2. Kalau korang berkebolehan untuk melukis, apa perkara yang paling korang nak lukis.
My life. Its like a diary but in a comic form. Sounds cool right?
3. Bila sakit hati, apa yang akan korang buat?
Tidor! That's the best medicine for everything haha
4. Bagaimana penampilan korang bila keluar dari rumah. Contoh hangout dengan family or friends.
Jumper, jeans, shawl, sneakers, bag~
5. Selalunya bila hujan, korang akan buat apa?
Again, tidor! hahaha I have an obsession for sleeping :)
6. Nombor kegemaran korang? Sebab kenapa suka nombor tu?
8? if you rotate it 90 degree, it'll be infinite. Therefore my love for you are infinite! hahaha
7. Bayangkan. Apa tindakan korang bila nampak di depan mata, pasangan anda sedang curang. 
Pergi dari situ and calm myself firt. And then when I'm calmed, I confront that significant other and talk about it.
8. Sejak umur berapa korang ada telefon bimbit sendiri.
11 tahun
9. Apabila korang sedang bosan, apa yang korang akan buat?
Buka phone.
10. Apa benda yang paling korang ketagih dalam kehidupan seharian. Anything?
11. Dalam hubungan persahabatan, apa yang paling penting?
Kind hearts, understanding and a little bit of humour.

#5 Liebster Award nominated by Hikari

1. What should I call you? Are you younger than me or not? (I'm 22) 
Ojou sama.I'm 18 so I'm younger~
2. Do you mind if all of my post full with anime, manga, game, kpop, jpop, tpop? Why?
Not at all. Everyone have what they love. 
3. If you could choose between this animal (bunny, dog, cat, owl, panda, tiger, dragon, fox, snake, spider, pygmy marmoset, turtle, tortoise, llama, koala, dolphin, dinosaur, pygmy goat) as your pet. Which pet you gonna choose? (Pick 2 and state the reason)
llama and dolphin. Lllama is cute and I ride him to school and dolphine can teach me how to swim :3
4. If you see someone being bullied/harassed by someone big and scary, will you help? If not, state the reason why?
I will probably just call someone else for help because I know I'm not much of a help.
5. What did you think about current temperature in Malaysia right now? If its hot, can you tell me what you always do to reduce the heat?
Too humid! If I can just fly to north pole but clearly I can't so I'll just go take a shower and then sleep~
6. What kind of laptop/pc you use right now? Can you tell me, what kind of laptop you want to use someday?
I'm currently using acer pc. Soon I'll buy a laptop. Hopefully a macbook hehehe
7. If you could choose between summer, autumn, winter, spring. Which season you love and state the reason.
Autumn. It's the middle of hot summer and cold winter~
8. Situation: One day, you find someone who is so bright that make your heart pounding so hard. What will you do?
i) Keep hiding your feeling and still fall in love with him/her without he/she knowing that fact
9. What if you find a cute baby in front of your house. Considering that you're single and still stay with your own family what will you do?
I'll get him to police. Hi's not mine. 
10. What is your favourite song when you're sad and when you're happy?
Whatever on my phone
11. Did you think my question is so unreasonable and crazy and make you nervous like in exam? Tell me why?
I don't know. All I know is it's a very interesting question~

Friday, September 12


I've been following a Japanese girl on Instagram. She is suuuper talented. She makes art. She draw Bigbang etc etc. Yea her arts are so dope.

She even sell her art stickers and one day she posted on instagram that she's opening orders for international. Since I've been her fans, I don't want to miss having her precious piece of art so I order right away.

And guess wut? It arrived just today and I coulnd't be much happier! Here some picture spam of my precious stickers~

I kinda regret that I didn't buy more. lulz

xx Lina

Saturday, September 6

that moment..

Re Collection

That other day aku ada ajak my long lost girlfriend untuk pegi date. Kitorang dah lama dah nak keluar sama tapi asyik ada hal je so tak jadi. Kitorang janji nak jumpa hari ni, which is hari sabtu. But then tiba tiba semalam dia whatsapp tak jadi. Dia ada hal. Aku pun okay je lah. Aku tak kisah pun sebab sebenarnya aku malas nak pegi hehe

Have you have had those moment when kau dah janji nak keluar ngan kawan kau but sebenarnya kau rasa malas gila nak pegi, and tiba tiba tak tersangka kawan kau cancel sebab dia ada hal? Kau pulak seronok lah sebab tak yah pegi. I'm having that moment lah. Tapi it kinda have a bad side and a good side jugak.

First, the bad side is boleh pulak kau rasa seronok padahal dah lama gila kau tak jumpa kawan kau ni.

Second, okay lah kot aku seronok so no hard feelings for me. Yelah kan ada yang bukan main drama bila kawan dia batal janji.

Ke aku je cam ni? Hmm..


Tuesday, September 2


Oboreru Knife

So haritu aku ke rumah saudara aku. Kat Klang. Dia punya 8 years old anak, which is my nephew (makcik dah aku ni hmph), addicted to facebook. I know it sounds nothing strange with that. But! What the heck is not strange when aku yang duduk berapa meter dekat dia pun, dia nak instant message?

Kalau aku kat rumah aku sendiri lagi lah. Hambik kau, beribu-ribu message masuk.

Kalau tanya makan apa ke, sihat ke, takpe jugak en? Ni tak! Dia hantar emoticons mengarut-ngarut.

Tak kuasa aku.

xx Lina