Sunday, August 31

august playlist

Hey guys! Happy Merdeka and really sorry for not having June and July playlist! I've been busy with Raya and all that. But it's okay, here's my August playlist!

1// BLOCK B - Her
Cheeses! This song are too fun! Block B always gave the funnest song ever! And the scene in the mv with Zico and a random ostrich really crack me up xD

2// Taeyang / Akmu / Tablo / Lydia Paek - Eyes, Nose, Lips
The original version by Taeyang always give me the feel good feelings! His voice are so mesmerizing! And its much more exciting when YG started this "Cover Project by YG family" thingy. So far there have been Akdong Musician, Tablo and Lydia Paek (YG producer) who covers the song. There might be more cover from other YG artist but who knows. All the cover are so perfect. I specially love Tablo's rap. 

3// Jay Park - Metronome 
I've been loving this song. To be honest, I really fall for Gray's voice! His voice are kind of my favorite type of voice. Well maybe it's auto tuned but it's still good tho!

4// WINNER - All the song in their debut album, '2014 S/S'
This is a good news to me. I've been waiting for this since day 1 and now they are finally debut! Ladies and gentleman, introducing WINNER! They are the first boy band after 8 years og Bigbang! Their debut album are one of a kind. The vocals and slow raps always gave me goosebumps! There are so much kpop groups out there are trying so hard to be hip hop but not for Winner, they bring their own color to the kpop scene. They show their own style, which is really awesome.

For me, I love their title track, Empty. But I do love Mino's solo, I'm Him and Taehyun's solo, Confession. Their song Tonight are good too! Enough said, I just really love all their song!

5// BI - Be I
He's young but he's fierce! If you've watch WIN then you know'll he is full of charisma, not only in his rap but his leadership too. I couldn't believe that me and him are 96-liners yet he is so far ahead! I can see him in the future, being all badass than this! I recommend you guys to watch 'Show Me The Money 3' if you love khiphop! There's more talented korean rappers there, not just BI! 

Monday, August 25

batu belah batu bertangkup


I was chatting with someone and suddenly he mentioned 'Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup'. Then I remembered when I was still in primary school, I read the book. The thick one lah hehe. I think I've read it a few times and I can remember I read it again when I'm in secondary school.

I'm so into the story. Maybe, that's why I've read it so many times. I think it's one of my favorite urban legends. But for some reason, eventhough I have so many unanswered questions about this so called  Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup at that time, I've never once try to google it or even ask anyone. Like, all the pieces of information about it thatI knew are from that one book.

So today, since all the memories just came in like a wrecking ball, I decided to dig in some info about it. This Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup did exist! It's located somewhere in Kapar, Klang. I read the book and it also said the same place and that's one of the things I'm curious about the story.

Now that I'm a bit grown up, I can clearly see that this story cover so many issues. Everything that we can relate to. From marriage to parenting, family love, losing someone, sympathy, courage, from easy to hard and from hard to worst.

By that, this story has totally gave so much life lessons. To love, hard work, to never giving up on life etc

Aaah I just love this story. It's a miracle to get back to my childhood.

I hope you like this random post :)


Mini Merdeka Giveaway

Tagged by her. I can't say no because the giveaway gifts are so captivating. You can win either powerbank, monopod or top ups. Interesting isn't? I'll tag Lenne, Fiona and Nadya . The rules to enter are so easy. Click the banner above to know how to enter and what so. 

Have great Merdeka guys :)


Monday, August 18

Experience the New NU Sentral!

Happy belated Eid Mubarak everyone! I'm thinking of hitting myself, in the face, with a chair because I didn't write anything about Raya. But it's not raya that I want to talk about. It's about the new NU Sentral!

If you're a regular users of public transportation when you're going out to KL. Then you should've experienced the trouble to get to KL Sentral monorail from KL sentral it self. But it's all gone now with the new NU Sentral all complete developed!

Last Saturday, I go out on a date with my long lost girlfriend, Shaz. I get there by rapid bus while Shaz, by train. She's a little late so I decided to go on a venture in the new NU Sentral. To be honest, I really am impressed by this new shopping mall!

First of, I'm the kind of person who gets easily tired of long walking. So it's really convenient to have all the chairs that pretty much are everywhere here. Whenever you feel tired or what so ever, you can just seat anywhere. Some mall only have a few chairs so when you are looking for available seat, there's none.

They also have almost all the well known shops here! I'm surprised that they even have Sephora here! So make up lovers out there, there's no need to go to Klcc just to buy one Nyx lipstick. lol

Other than Sephora, they have Cotton on, H&M, Giordano, Starbucks, MPH, Typo, The Body Shop, Converse, Adidas, Guardian, Parkson, Nandos and much more! For me, I really love a boutique called Monki. Their awesome shop design are one of the reason I love it. And they have a bunch of pretty outfits and accessories with affordable price.

When I was there that day, there are a few spots that are still under construction so there will be more shops! For movie lovers, they are currently working on a cinema. So GSC will come very soon fere. I really hope they'll have Daiso here too!

I didn't shop anything there that day because I don't really plans on shopping. I'm just companying Shaz because she wanted to go to Sungei Wang plaza. But before we go there, we actually eat our lunch here at NU sentral. We ate at a Korean restaurant called Dubu Dubu.
^here's me, with a very excited face to get rid of the malicious hunger

Did I mentioned about not buying anything before? It's all lie! I actually bought something, well to be honest, a FEW things at Sungei Wang Plaza. I'm a human after all! A woman to be exact!

So here's my purchase!

Sungei Wang's Kpop Garden
block B shirt:RM15
epik high shirt:RM15

Sungei Wang's random shop, jumper:RM17.90
Headbands 3 for RM10 bought at the jejantas between Time Square and Sungei Wang Plaza.

But I do feel satisfied with my purchase. hehe

Oh btw I got excepted to Poli Ibrahim Sultan! Can't wait to start study again!


xx Lina