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Thursday, May 15

Make a cute wish/wanted list

Have you ever wanted something so bad? How about make a cute list of all the things you wanted?

All you need is colourful pens, or pencils.

first of, draw "wanted" as big as you want on the center of the paper.

Fill in with colourful patterns.

And then, doodle all your wanted things anywhere around the "wanted" words.

 I suggest you to doodle with black pen or pencil so you can colour it later when you actually get that particular things.

This simple but cute tutorial will make you work hard for the things you wanted! :D

Good luck xx

Oh last but not least, #HappyTAEYANGDay ♥ Anothey MAY bae ♥


Who is MeGan Lee?

Megan Lee. This name will make it's way through the korean music and even the whole universal. But who is she? She is actually a Youtuber who upload numbers of covers of song on Youtube. I get to know her a few year back. The first time was when she enter the 2NE1 "Lonely' cover contest. I was just there checking out a few entries and I watch her video. And of course, because of her uniqueness, I watched a few other of her covers as well. She is very good thus she won the "Lonely" cover contest and got the chance to go and see 2NE1's live concert at Korea. She also do collabs with Sungha Jung and Jason Mraz.

So why am I talking about her now? Well, because she's back! Not ordinarily back. She's actually DEBUT! She debut under a korean music label with a song 8Dayz with the stage name MeGan Lee. I saw her MV teaser a few days ago on 1TheK's channel and I was like "daaaaaang girl!". She started from below, and now?

Her full MV got up on Youtube just now and I shall tell you that she even got JUNHYUNG rapping in her song. YASSSSSS THAT YONG JUNHYUNG FROM BEAST or BATOOST or whatever you call it! I was freaked out and totally on fangirl mode once I saw him suddenly rapping.

I really really really salute her for achieving this far. She had long way to go, I know. But I don't know why I'm just so proud of her ;'D

I wish her a very good luck in the korean music industry and I am so thrilled and looking forward for her journey through this hallyu wave! ♥


Wednesday, May 14

Watch SBS "Roommate" with ENGLISH SUBS here~

Hi, I'm making this post so that I can easily navigate to the link to watch Roommate. Oh and all these aren't subbed by me. The video content belongs to SBS and the subs belong to the rightful subber.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5

Sunday, May 11

Happy Birthday to Me!


Selamat hari tua ~
Selamat hari tua ~
Selamat hari tua ~


Yes today is my birthday and I'm getting older. Everyone have bucket list right? So am I. Today I'm gonna talk about what's in my bucket list! Yay!

Bungee Jump
I've been wanting to bungee jump for so long but just doesn't have the right time to do. But one day, I wish I can check bungee jump out of my bucket list

Travel around Malaysia
I've never had chance to actually go anywhere else except for a few parts of Malaysia. It's like I've never been to 75% of Malaysia yet.

Open My Own Cafe
I want it to be exactly how I've dreamed of it! Having diy decoration on most part of it would be great! Serving delicious food. Aaah~

Hot Air Balloon
I want to ride in a hot air balloon! I've been always dream of flying to the sky on a hot air balloon. I might be getting it from the Owl City song.

Backpacking Around The World
This cost a lot of money but I really want to go backpacking! It'll be so much fun, plus if its around the world, I can learn so many things! From languages, cultures, the people and many more.

These are my current bucket list. It might sound cheesy for just a little girl like me but it's okay to dream big right?

And last but not least, happy birthday to me and also, happy mother's day! :)


oh btw, google is seriously being sooooo cute! ♥

Saturday, May 10

Supernatural Roommate

Nijigahara Holograph

For your info, I have a roommates. They're not normal! They're supernatural! They can fly! JUST KIDDING. Haha. Actually, today I wanna talk about a tv show. I've been watching these two show.

You might already know this. I really love thrilling movie so this show is so me. I've watch it before, I think like several years ago but I think I'm too busy (lol) so I didn't watch it seriously. and now, I'm watching it back, all the way from season 1. They already have 9 seasons now! Furthurmore, I like it more when you have so many episodes to catch up rather than waiting and waiting for new episodes to come out.

As I've already told you, you might know about this show. It's kind of horror-ish but for me it's more to thrilling. It makes my heart racing but that's the best part. But what I love more about it is the character it self. Of course, that;s the main point! But yeah, they're awesome, they portray their character amazingly. And they are quite humorous. What's more awesome than a wild joke in the middle of intense scene?

This is SBS new tv show.When I say sbs, yea it's korean. It's new and there's only one episode. I'm excited to watch it because park bom in it! There's also other idols and actors and even models. There's  Chanyeol too (which is omg idk he's so cute, i mean his expression and all lol). If you love exo, you would want to watch it too.

So far so good. I can't wait for new episodes to come because it'll be so much fun! This show is basically where 11 of them live together in a big house. It's like big brother but with more relax environment. As I said, there is Park Bom (2NE1), Chan Yeol (exo), Nana (orang caramel), Lee Dong Wook (actor), Lee So Ra (model), Song Gayeon (athletes) and more (i don't remember, i'm not good with remembering people xD )

Watch ROOMMATE here:

Episode 1 | Part 1 2 3

oh and before i forgot, here's a big poster for Taehyun! Happy birthday taehyun-ah! ♥

Wednesday, May 7

My April Playlist!

So I just wanted to share my music likes. It's good to share what we like right? Who knows you might like it too? It's basically me sharing top 5 or maybe more (or less) of my favorite music of the month. Yea I'll do every month (serious commitment).

Hope you'll like it!

Akdong Musician - 200%
I must say that I loooove all the song in their album. Seriously, such refreshing voice and melody, ahhh. Really can't beleive its from YG tho.

listen now~

The YouTube Boy Band - It's all about you(tube)
Okay, you probably not know this. or if you know, then we should really be friends!!!! haha no kidding tho!

listen now~

Hot Chelle Rae - #Don't Say Goodbye (Acoustic)
Who doesn't love this? Even more, in acoustic?? They really need to have concert in Malaysia!

listen now~

5SOS - She Looks So Perfect
Well, yeah. Haha. Australian, who doesnt love Aussie guys? hihi ♥

In my American Apparel underwear

listen now~

John Legend - All Of Me
Seriously tho, those beautiful voice and beautiful lyrics ahhhh heartbreaking

All of me loves all of you

listen now~

Do you have you jam too? Please share in the comment and i'll definitely gonna listen to it !

thanks bye!


Sunday, May 4

What Puberty Did To Me

sadako | via Tumblr

So I just browse through my old myspace, I did not know why. But I just found some very old photo of me. And if you're long enough on blogger, you can find your old photos that you post on your blog loooong time ago too. So I thought it'll be quite interesting to do 'what puberty did to me'. lol

^pacifer year i guess

i'm so stylish!
updo hair, polka tank top, and skateboard!
I'm a little g-dragon ♥

^around 3/4 year?

^tadika graduated hihi

^this is idk maybe around darjah 4/5?
yasss i'm toooooo advance for that age to be able to make vid and upload on youtube.
i'm proud of myself. cewah :'D
^last day of form 2 haha sorry hawa :'D

^kpop year (cute sunny snsd version)

^kpop year (hiphop bigbang version) 
*double facepalm*

^exactly after pmr

^ this is probably around last year?

^jamuan buka puasa/birthday cikgu last year

 ^2014 recently!

I look so funny! Looking back, I have a serious problem in addiction of certain things. I remember I used to looove indie bands. I also remember being sooooo tomboy-ish. And I used to have very messy hair. I probably never comb my hair. I have much more embarrassing picture of me and I decided not to show it.  

If you used to have myspace (remember those times? hihi) , I recommend you to log into your account again and have a nice view of your old photos there, i certainly sure it'll make your day. Also, don't forget to look at your friend list. I peek on my friend list and most of my friend's profile pic are old pics (obviously haha) and they look sooooo cute! fetus, fetus everywhere!

I saw my crush (since form 1) profile picture and seriously he look so so so so young, and innocent and cute!

Hey how about you do "what puberty did to me" post too? make it a tag and tag everyone haha. if you decided to do so, please please please leave the link in the comment. I would love love love to read it!

That's all for now, bye!


ps: does anyone still use myspace? hihi ;)

Friday, May 2

Cheap ways to spice up your desk

Hanagimi to Koisuru Watashi

Who wouldn't want a comfortable yet beautiful workspace? Decorating your desk can live up your mind and makes it more open especially when you're doing works.

But over-decorative desk is no good; you might get distracted from your work. There's so many cute things to use to make your workplace a fun place. Here are some affordable things you can use to have a beautiful desk of your own

Pen/pencil holders

Haha *~*

1. You can use aluminium tin (from instant porridge/corn kernel). Make sure to flatten any hard edges from where you open the lid so you won't hurt yourself. Spray paint with your favorite color or you may wrap it with colour papers. You might also wanna put some stickers.

2.When you drink starbucks, you might wanna keep the frappucino cup and lid. It'll be a very nice holders for you stationary. As it is also starbuck, you might say you have a "fashionable" pen holders ;D

3. This is the most easiest and pretty much commonly use by everyone. Mugs. Find yourself any unused mugs or even a crack mug. Put in your pens and walah you have a nice cute pen holders!

4. Glass jars or mason jars are very practical and chic. You can simply get these from empty nutella jar, fruit jams, mayonnaise, coffee etc etc. You would wanna wash off the label and you good to go. If you're feeling bit fancy, you can spray paint it you favorite color too.


 14 Easy DIY Bookends You Can Make in One Day - Snappy PixelsUntitled
1. You can get variety of ready made bookends at craft store, ikea or maybe just a regular supermarkets. It usually cheap depends on the design and types of material.

2.If you don't wanna waste money to buy any, you can just use those glass jars/mason jars that you already put in you pens and pencils as the bookend.

3.Another way is you can also use anything in your house that's heavy enough and compact. Small vase would do.

4. You can just sew a mini cushion case and fill it in with little stones. Just imagine like you're making batu seremban, but just bigger in size.


Irish Mocha scented Soy Candle Tin, 6 ounce Tin(14) TumblrSvetlanas | via Tumblr

1. Buy candles with aromatherapy scent in it. We might wont find any yankee or  Jo malone candles here in malaysia, but we sure would find any other type of scented candles. But if you can got hold of those yankee, or even bath and body works candle, good for you ;D

2. If you're not a fan of scented candles, you can just use some regular decorative candles. Just be careful not to burn your house.

3. You can use other alternative such as electric candles. You wont be burning your house with this and it wont run out of wax.


Wedding Blog UK ~ Wedding Ideas ~ Before The Big Day: DIYDreaming Monroe | via Tumblr

1.Don't forget these cute small greenery/ It always refreshing to have plants on your desk.

2. Mini succulent plant in s\white pot is enough. No need no flower at all, green is enough.

3. And if you're a bit hardcore, go for mini cactus.

That's all for today. Leave a comment if you have any other ideas to share I would love to hear that.
All images are not mind :)

Thanks for reading