Wednesday, November 5

Farah's Belated Birthday Behind The Scene

The other day, me and shazle planned something to do for Farah. We don't wanna miss celebrating her birthday. At least for me, I don't wanna miss seeing my high school friends before studying again. So I decided to sleep over at Shazle's house because that's the only way for our dirty plan for Farah. Well by dirty I mean some cheeky idea. We want to make her a cupcake, but not just an ordinary cupcake, but a salty cukcake. Yes, salts + cupcake! I'll leave that to your imagination ;)

So here's some photos during the process of making the cupcake (spot the salty cupcake);

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  1. kalau mak jumpa resipi mcm ni.. mesti dia nak buat.. heheh