Wednesday, October 1


I'm so excited to finally have a penny board! I've been penny board on someone else's and now I decided to have my own penny.

I've been wanting a penny since forever. It all started when I watch Youtubers, Jacksgap. They had so much fun penny boarding in a building.

Other fellow youtubers like Louis from Funforlouis and Jesse from BF vs GF also penny board on their vlog.

Not just that, G-Dragon and Taeyang too show interest on penny board or skateboard in general. They've been posting few picture of them with penny. There's a few fantakens that shows GD with his penny at the airport.

And recently, on Mix & Match unreleased clip. When the boys go out camping, I saw Bobby holding a penny board.

I'll buy it very soon and I'll definitely blog it~

Can't wait!


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