Friday, September 12


I've been following a Japanese girl on Instagram. She is suuuper talented. She makes art. She draw Bigbang etc etc. Yea her arts are so dope.

She even sell her art stickers and one day she posted on instagram that she's opening orders for international. Since I've been her fans, I don't want to miss having her precious piece of art so I order right away.

And guess wut? It arrived just today and I coulnd't be much happier! Here some picture spam of my precious stickers~

I kinda regret that I didn't buy more. lulz

xx Lina


  1. Wahhh comel-comel. Apa insta nye? hehe

  2. wow cool!!! no blog? facebook? twitter? since i don't have insta TT^TT
    wanna see her art :'(
    Awww she's so talented.. feel jealous and admire somehow :D hehe..

    what did you ask from her? i can't recognize that pict... TT^TT
    only one of them looks like B2ST Gikwang but I don't think its him XDD


    1. she have twitter @xiba70. you can still see her instagram on computer ~

      she open a shop on this kinda like a japanese "ebay". so there i just choose which one i like and then fill in my info and pay!

      oh they're 2 taehyun and mino from winner. and 2 g-dragon from bigbang ><

    2. owh owh thanks telling me this :D gonna follow her XD ahaha.. ehh really? thanks ^__^

      I see.. ahaha :3

      ahaha.. lol XD so its winner and big bang.. Idk its bigbang.. and winner I still don't know all of them I just listen to their music :D hehe

  3. How big are the stickers? How many cm? 'cause the envelope looks biggggg /really/

    1. you can see one of the pic where i put the stickers on my hand~~ my hand are pretty average for a girl so it's not that big lah hihi ^^

  4. wow, im jealous already. haha. dah la minat cerita jepun. kirim salam kat dia. hehe

  5. come here for create relationship

    just sharing..

  6. kemasnya lukisan dia. jauhnya surat tu, daripada jepun :D