Sunday, September 28

ios 8

So iPhone 6 just came out. And of course there will be new updates. Ios 8. So do you guys use iPhone or iPod etc etc? If yes, have you update the ios?

I recommend don't! Lol. Just wait till apple force you to. It's not any better tho.  I think I like ios 7 better and I know many of you agree to me as well!

I update it the other day. It's a big hassle when it needs 4.6gb space to update. No, its not that the update will take 4gb of your iPhone space but it just need it for the updates process.

If you really want to update, I reckon you use iTunes through Macbook or PC. But honestly, it took me whole day to update! Berjanggut aku tunggu -___-


  1. bestnya boleh update. sy guna ios 6 je. teringin nak rasa ios 7 (T T)

  2. btul ! stju sngt . ios 7 pn da oke kott