Monday, August 25

Mini Merdeka Giveaway

Tagged by her. I can't say no because the giveaway gifts are so captivating. You can win either powerbank, monopod or top ups. Interesting isn't? I'll tag Lenne, Fiona and Nadya . The rules to enter are so easy. Click the banner above to know how to enter and what so. 

Have great Merdeka guys :)



  1. terima kasih sudi join.
    penyertaan awak dah diterima.
    nanti masa GA ni tutup mohon alert dengan list participation and no awak ye :D
    good luck

  2. terima kasih sudi join.
    pernyertaan awak dah diterima.
    nanti mohon alert dengan list participation ye
    btw good luck :D