Sunday, August 31

august playlist

Hey guys! Happy Merdeka and really sorry for not having June and July playlist! I've been busy with Raya and all that. But it's okay, here's my August playlist!

1// BLOCK B - Her
Cheeses! This song are too fun! Block B always gave the funnest song ever! And the scene in the mv with Zico and a random ostrich really crack me up xD

2// Taeyang / Akmu / Tablo / Lydia Paek - Eyes, Nose, Lips
The original version by Taeyang always give me the feel good feelings! His voice are so mesmerizing! And its much more exciting when YG started this "Cover Project by YG family" thingy. So far there have been Akdong Musician, Tablo and Lydia Paek (YG producer) who covers the song. There might be more cover from other YG artist but who knows. All the cover are so perfect. I specially love Tablo's rap. 

3// Jay Park - Metronome 
I've been loving this song. To be honest, I really fall for Gray's voice! His voice are kind of my favorite type of voice. Well maybe it's auto tuned but it's still good tho!

4// WINNER - All the song in their debut album, '2014 S/S'
This is a good news to me. I've been waiting for this since day 1 and now they are finally debut! Ladies and gentleman, introducing WINNER! They are the first boy band after 8 years og Bigbang! Their debut album are one of a kind. The vocals and slow raps always gave me goosebumps! There are so much kpop groups out there are trying so hard to be hip hop but not for Winner, they bring their own color to the kpop scene. They show their own style, which is really awesome.

For me, I love their title track, Empty. But I do love Mino's solo, I'm Him and Taehyun's solo, Confession. Their song Tonight are good too! Enough said, I just really love all their song!

5// BI - Be I
He's young but he's fierce! If you've watch WIN then you know'll he is full of charisma, not only in his rap but his leadership too. I couldn't believe that me and him are 96-liners yet he is so far ahead! I can see him in the future, being all badass than this! I recommend you guys to watch 'Show Me The Money 3' if you love khiphop! There's more talented korean rappers there, not just BI! 

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