Tuesday, June 24

10 Random Things In My Room

Hi! I haven't post anything for the past weeks. I had to delete my previous post about Bigbang because I don't know why or how, but I accidentally deleted the content of it while trying to put picture in the post via my phone. Such epic fail.

So here's 10 random things I can found in my room ~

#1 - My YG bear! - I bought this the same day I go to GD, Taeyang & Seungri Fanmeeting. He actually had a fury hat but I took it off, cos as you see, he looks good with just his baldy head mehehe

#2 Class pictures - I actually hang it on my wall but they stater to fall off so I decided to just take them all off my wall without knowing where to put it....... so it kinda chillin on my desk ~

#3 Fan - Yes I have a fan. haha perasan. this is just a typical fan that you can get at majlis kahwin.

#4 GD album - "You're my heartbreaker~~" hahaha

#5 Bearbricks - Oh aren't they cute? haha

#6 Comic - I'm a huge supporters for local comics so you can easily see these comics laying around randomly in my room. Btw, can someone get me Reda 2 please? I'm dying from the cliffhanger D:

#7 Crownstick - I you don't have this, I'm not sure I can really call you a Vip. Hehe just kidding~ But seriously?!


#8 Cologne - I'm a girl, with a cheap body cologne, and it's even for boys. But who care, I love it!

and I need to get the spiderman one haha

#9 Purse - I love cats. And so my purse had to be a cat. I bought it at daiso in case if you're wondering. The colorful-telephone-cord thingy are from My One Shop. hahahaha

#10 Floppy disk - 90's kids should know this. I don't know how, but these things seems to survived in my room and made it till these days. And the fact that it's in pastel colors made it looks more old fashion kind of. I felt so hipster haha

I'm sorry if this is so random and boring. I just felt like I need to write something.

Minggu depan nak start puasa, insyaAllah, so takut busy je sebab nak get ready balik kampung apa semua.

Anyhow, see you again very soon. Ciao! ♥



  1. semuanya comel2 ^_^
    kite pun suke kucing gak!hehee

  2. haha. comel semuanya.. macam orangnya :D

  3. hi VIP! >.< nice to meet you..hehe
    btw, selamat berpuasa :)

  4. Purse lina tu comell la :) hehe.

  5. that purse and bear is killing me!!!! hehehe,over la pulak :p