Tuesday, June 24

10 Random Things In My Room

Hi! I haven't post anything for the past weeks. I had to delete my previous post about Bigbang because I don't know why or how, but I accidentally deleted the content of it while trying to put picture in the post via my phone. Such epic fail.

So here's 10 random things I can found in my room ~

#1 - My YG bear! - I bought this the same day I go to GD, Taeyang & Seungri Fanmeeting. He actually had a fury hat but I took it off, cos as you see, he looks good with just his baldy head mehehe

#2 Class pictures - I actually hang it on my wall but they stater to fall off so I decided to just take them all off my wall without knowing where to put it....... so it kinda chillin on my desk ~

#3 Fan - Yes I have a fan. haha perasan. this is just a typical fan that you can get at majlis kahwin.

#4 GD album - "You're my heartbreaker~~" hahaha

#5 Bearbricks - Oh aren't they cute? haha

#6 Comic - I'm a huge supporters for local comics so you can easily see these comics laying around randomly in my room. Btw, can someone get me Reda 2 please? I'm dying from the cliffhanger D:

#7 Crownstick - I you don't have this, I'm not sure I can really call you a Vip. Hehe just kidding~ But seriously?!


#8 Cologne - I'm a girl, with a cheap body cologne, and it's even for boys. But who care, I love it!

and I need to get the spiderman one haha

#9 Purse - I love cats. And so my purse had to be a cat. I bought it at daiso in case if you're wondering. The colorful-telephone-cord thingy are from My One Shop. hahahaha

#10 Floppy disk - 90's kids should know this. I don't know how, but these things seems to survived in my room and made it till these days. And the fact that it's in pastel colors made it looks more old fashion kind of. I felt so hipster haha

I'm sorry if this is so random and boring. I just felt like I need to write something.

Minggu depan nak start puasa, insyaAllah, so takut busy je sebab nak get ready balik kampung apa semua.

Anyhow, see you again very soon. Ciao! ♥


Monday, June 2

My May Playlist

Happy June everybody! ♥

I'm gonna show you guys my May playlist! If you want to see my April playlist click here~ Last month's playlist consist of some new and some not-so-old tracks. To be truth, all of the songs are korean. And today I'll be introducing you guys to some good khiphops! I really love Korean hip hop. It's always so fresh. Maybe someday I shall make a special playlist for some of my all time khiphop favorites?

Yuna Kim - Without You Now (ft. MFBTY)
This is a very new song. Apparently it's her debut song. Let me do some briefing about her. She's Yuna Kim or Euna Kim. She's a former YG trainee but seems like she dropped out from YG which is really sad. She actually should be debuting under YG for its new girl group (which haven't debut yet). But maybe because it took too long so she decided to go pursue her study and then the Mfbty came approach her and they made music together aaaaand here we have "이젠 너 없이도"! Yuna is soooo talented and its quite frustrating to know that a talented girl like her will not be in YG future girl group ;(

The song it self is really good. The fact that Yuna and MFBTY really match together in this song is mindblowing. She had this really unique voice and her raps are just fabulous! I kept replaying this song over and over again. In fact, I'm playing it right now hihi

But whatever it is, I really look forward to more of her! ;)

listen now~


Megan - 8Dayz
I post about her before so check them out. The more I listen to this song, the more I got hook up on it. It's so good. This song also feature Junhyung! I'm so jealous of Megan lol. But I really wish more people will recognize her awesome talent!

She have english version too but not Junhyung sadly. But it's still good too!

listen now~


Gary & Jung In - Your Scent
Do you love Running man? Do you love Leessang? Do you love Gary? Than you should've heard this right? 
Gary's flow is so good that you shouldn't miss to put him in one of your top krappers! Jung In's uniqe vocal really gave beautiful vibe in this song. They made a beautiful song! ;'D

listen now~


Beenjino - Dali, Van, Picasso
This song came out just at the end of last year but I didn't listen to it since recently this year which is really embarrassing. This is another precious song from genius Beenzino. His calm voice oh my god! How could he had so soothing and calm voice while rapping? //i'm really in my fangirl mode// 

I've always love his calming slow rap. I wanna recommend more of his but then I should save that for my special khiphop playlist hihi

listen now~


MFBTRY (Tiger JK, Bizzy, Yoon Mirae) - Sweet Dream
I've been listening to this so much. Again, an MFBTY products! The raps is just ahh xD
For me, it's like a new korean version of the Black Eye Peas. Maybe better. I really should listen to them more, and you should too! Hihi

listen now~

and that's all for my May playlist~ I hope you like what I like. Listen to it, feel the song and who know you can be their fans? :D 

can't wait for the next playlist hihi.