Thursday, May 15

Who is MeGan Lee?

Megan Lee. This name will make it's way through the korean music and even the whole universal. But who is she? She is actually a Youtuber who upload numbers of covers of song on Youtube. I get to know her a few year back. The first time was when she enter the 2NE1 "Lonely' cover contest. I was just there checking out a few entries and I watch her video. And of course, because of her uniqueness, I watched a few other of her covers as well. She is very good thus she won the "Lonely" cover contest and got the chance to go and see 2NE1's live concert at Korea. She also do collabs with Sungha Jung and Jason Mraz.

So why am I talking about her now? Well, because she's back! Not ordinarily back. She's actually DEBUT! She debut under a korean music label with a song 8Dayz with the stage name MeGan Lee. I saw her MV teaser a few days ago on 1TheK's channel and I was like "daaaaaang girl!". She started from below, and now?

Her full MV got up on Youtube just now and I shall tell you that she even got JUNHYUNG rapping in her song. YASSSSSS THAT YONG JUNHYUNG FROM BEAST or BATOOST or whatever you call it! I was freaked out and totally on fangirl mode once I saw him suddenly rapping.

I really really really salute her for achieving this far. She had long way to go, I know. But I don't know why I'm just so proud of her ;'D

I wish her a very good luck in the korean music industry and I am so thrilled and looking forward for her journey through this hallyu wave! ♥