Sunday, May 4

What Puberty Did To Me

sadako | via Tumblr

So I just browse through my old myspace, I did not know why. But I just found some very old photo of me. And if you're long enough on blogger, you can find your old photos that you post on your blog loooong time ago too. So I thought it'll be quite interesting to do 'what puberty did to me'. lol

^pacifer year i guess

i'm so stylish!
updo hair, polka tank top, and skateboard!
I'm a little g-dragon ♥

^around 3/4 year?

^tadika graduated hihi

^this is idk maybe around darjah 4/5?
yasss i'm toooooo advance for that age to be able to make vid and upload on youtube.
i'm proud of myself. cewah :'D
^last day of form 2 haha sorry hawa :'D

^kpop year (cute sunny snsd version)

^kpop year (hiphop bigbang version) 
*double facepalm*

^exactly after pmr

^ this is probably around last year?

^jamuan buka puasa/birthday cikgu last year

 ^2014 recently!

I look so funny! Looking back, I have a serious problem in addiction of certain things. I remember I used to looove indie bands. I also remember being sooooo tomboy-ish. And I used to have very messy hair. I probably never comb my hair. I have much more embarrassing picture of me and I decided not to show it.  

If you used to have myspace (remember those times? hihi) , I recommend you to log into your account again and have a nice view of your old photos there, i certainly sure it'll make your day. Also, don't forget to look at your friend list. I peek on my friend list and most of my friend's profile pic are old pics (obviously haha) and they look sooooo cute! fetus, fetus everywhere!

I saw my crush (since form 1) profile picture and seriously he look so so so so young, and innocent and cute!

Hey how about you do "what puberty did to me" post too? make it a tag and tag everyone haha. if you decided to do so, please please please leave the link in the comment. I would love love love to read it!

That's all for now, bye!


ps: does anyone still use myspace? hihi ;)