Saturday, May 10

Supernatural Roommate

Nijigahara Holograph

For your info, I have a roommates. They're not normal! They're supernatural! They can fly! JUST KIDDING. Haha. Actually, today I wanna talk about a tv show. I've been watching these two show.

You might already know this. I really love thrilling movie so this show is so me. I've watch it before, I think like several years ago but I think I'm too busy (lol) so I didn't watch it seriously. and now, I'm watching it back, all the way from season 1. They already have 9 seasons now! Furthurmore, I like it more when you have so many episodes to catch up rather than waiting and waiting for new episodes to come out.

As I've already told you, you might know about this show. It's kind of horror-ish but for me it's more to thrilling. It makes my heart racing but that's the best part. But what I love more about it is the character it self. Of course, that;s the main point! But yeah, they're awesome, they portray their character amazingly. And they are quite humorous. What's more awesome than a wild joke in the middle of intense scene?

This is SBS new tv show.When I say sbs, yea it's korean. It's new and there's only one episode. I'm excited to watch it because park bom in it! There's also other idols and actors and even models. There's  Chanyeol too (which is omg idk he's so cute, i mean his expression and all lol). If you love exo, you would want to watch it too.

So far so good. I can't wait for new episodes to come because it'll be so much fun! This show is basically where 11 of them live together in a big house. It's like big brother but with more relax environment. As I said, there is Park Bom (2NE1), Chan Yeol (exo), Nana (orang caramel), Lee Dong Wook (actor), Lee So Ra (model), Song Gayeon (athletes) and more (i don't remember, i'm not good with remembering people xD )

Watch ROOMMATE here:

Episode 1 | Part 1 2 3

oh and before i forgot, here's a big poster for Taehyun! Happy birthday taehyun-ah! ♥


  1. omg lee dong wook? serious? hahaha. gonna watch this!

    1. yeah!! xD watch it and you'll never regret it! ♥