Sunday, May 11

Happy Birthday to Me!


Selamat hari tua ~
Selamat hari tua ~
Selamat hari tua ~


Yes today is my birthday and I'm getting older. Everyone have bucket list right? So am I. Today I'm gonna talk about what's in my bucket list! Yay!

Bungee Jump
I've been wanting to bungee jump for so long but just doesn't have the right time to do. But one day, I wish I can check bungee jump out of my bucket list

Travel around Malaysia
I've never had chance to actually go anywhere else except for a few parts of Malaysia. It's like I've never been to 75% of Malaysia yet.

Open My Own Cafe
I want it to be exactly how I've dreamed of it! Having diy decoration on most part of it would be great! Serving delicious food. Aaah~

Hot Air Balloon
I want to ride in a hot air balloon! I've been always dream of flying to the sky on a hot air balloon. I might be getting it from the Owl City song.

Backpacking Around The World
This cost a lot of money but I really want to go backpacking! It'll be so much fun, plus if its around the world, I can learn so many things! From languages, cultures, the people and many more.

These are my current bucket list. It might sound cheesy for just a little girl like me but it's okay to dream big right?

And last but not least, happy birthday to me and also, happy mother's day! :)


oh btw, google is seriously being sooooo cute! ♥


  1. Happy Birthday 2 u dear...

  2. happy birthdayyyyyy!!!!!!! semoga dimurahkan rezeki dan ceria selalu :D

  3. happy birthday Lina :D happy selalu ye ^^.

  4. Happy belated birthday dear !
    semoga selamat ber-bungee jumping. seram tu . hehe