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Cheap ways to spice up your desk

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Who wouldn't want a comfortable yet beautiful workspace? Decorating your desk can live up your mind and makes it more open especially when you're doing works.

But over-decorative desk is no good; you might get distracted from your work. There's so many cute things to use to make your workplace a fun place. Here are some affordable things you can use to have a beautiful desk of your own

Pen/pencil holders

Haha *~*

1. You can use aluminium tin (from instant porridge/corn kernel). Make sure to flatten any hard edges from where you open the lid so you won't hurt yourself. Spray paint with your favorite color or you may wrap it with colour papers. You might also wanna put some stickers.

2.When you drink starbucks, you might wanna keep the frappucino cup and lid. It'll be a very nice holders for you stationary. As it is also starbuck, you might say you have a "fashionable" pen holders ;D

3. This is the most easiest and pretty much commonly use by everyone. Mugs. Find yourself any unused mugs or even a crack mug. Put in your pens and walah you have a nice cute pen holders!

4. Glass jars or mason jars are very practical and chic. You can simply get these from empty nutella jar, fruit jams, mayonnaise, coffee etc etc. You would wanna wash off the label and you good to go. If you're feeling bit fancy, you can spray paint it you favorite color too.


 14 Easy DIY Bookends You Can Make in One Day - Snappy PixelsUntitled
1. You can get variety of ready made bookends at craft store, ikea or maybe just a regular supermarkets. It usually cheap depends on the design and types of material.

2.If you don't wanna waste money to buy any, you can just use those glass jars/mason jars that you already put in you pens and pencils as the bookend.

3.Another way is you can also use anything in your house that's heavy enough and compact. Small vase would do.

4. You can just sew a mini cushion case and fill it in with little stones. Just imagine like you're making batu seremban, but just bigger in size.


Irish Mocha scented Soy Candle Tin, 6 ounce Tin(14) TumblrSvetlanas | via Tumblr

1. Buy candles with aromatherapy scent in it. We might wont find any yankee or  Jo malone candles here in malaysia, but we sure would find any other type of scented candles. But if you can got hold of those yankee, or even bath and body works candle, good for you ;D

2. If you're not a fan of scented candles, you can just use some regular decorative candles. Just be careful not to burn your house.

3. You can use other alternative such as electric candles. You wont be burning your house with this and it wont run out of wax.


Wedding Blog UK ~ Wedding Ideas ~ Before The Big Day: DIYDreaming Monroe | via Tumblr

1.Don't forget these cute small greenery/ It always refreshing to have plants on your desk.

2. Mini succulent plant in s\white pot is enough. No need no flower at all, green is enough.

3. And if you're a bit hardcore, go for mini cactus.

That's all for today. Leave a comment if you have any other ideas to share I would love to hear that.
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  1. no no no... it's not cheap way.. it's creative! :D so cute <3

  2. Comelnya pasu-pasu untuk greeneries tu!!!
    Btw,great tips! Boleh cuba nanti ni,hehe :D