Monday, April 28

Ke Korea Ke Kita?


KKKK baru je habis last episod semalam. Sedih gila. Sedih sebab tak dapat nak dengar suara Wak. Sedih tak dapat nak tengok wak bawak bag tangan dia :'D Sedih tak dapat nak dengar lawak bodoh dorang. Sedih tak dapat tengok wak yang random. Sedih tak dapat tengok Myo yang selalu menang. Sedih tak dapat dengar Myo berlagak ahaks! Sedih nak tengok Zahir yang kejam, sedih tak dapat nak dengar lagu korea yang randomly play on the background dan lain lain lagi!!!

Why I love this show so much eh? Maybe sebab the way they shoot all look very natural and chill and relax. The things about good tv shows that can be fun to watch is that the people in the show has to be fun. So team KKKK ni semua sangat lawak dan down to earth. Lawak mereka sangat random dan natural. Not scripted at all dan sangat genuine.

At first when I found out about KKKK is of course from wak doyok. But I'm not a TV person so I didnt watch it untill last week. Terdetik hati nak tengok so I try search it on youtube. Thank goodness ada orang upload. So I started watching the episode 1and honestly the overwhelming feeling I get when watching just that one episode making me so excited so I ended up watching all the other 8 episod sekaligus! 

This show is just so good. Hope sangat yang diorang ni buat season two. #KeIndiaKekita pun cambest gak! Korang dah tengok? Kalau tak, I recommend you guys untuk tengok!